Picture of How to Make Hemp Jewelry
These instructions will teach you how to make a basic piece of hemp jewelry. Depending on the length of your jewelry, you can either make a bracelet or a necklace.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. Hemp twine - $4
2. Large Metal binder clip - $1
3. Heavy object to weigh down your piece (free weight or pile of books)
4. Scissors - $1-2
5. Flat surface (table)

Step 2: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
1. Cut one piece of hemp, about 7 feet long.

2. Cut a shorter piece of hemp, a little over twice as long as the length of the jewelry you want to make. An example of the two pieces is above.

Step 3: Getting Started (Cont'd)

Picture of Getting Started (Cont'd)
Fold both pieces in half, with the smaller length in the center of the longer length. Both halves should be symmetrical. Hold the two pieces together in the center (where the arrow is pointing).

Step 4: Making the Initial Loop

Picture of Making the Initial Loop
Where the fold in the hemp is, place your finger. With your finger on the inside of the U-shaped fold, grab the excess hemp as if it were one string. You should be holding a simple loop like the one pictured below.

Step 5: The Overhand Knot

Tie off the loop as if you were tying a shoe. This is also called an overhand knot. The size of the loop should be small enough to fit snug around your index finger. Use the video for reference.
KimberA20 days ago

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KeiF1 made it!9 months ago

This was my first time working with hemp, but I enjoyed it. I used black as the longer strings, and a light sky blue for the inside.

K8ter2210 months ago
I have looked at a number of "tutorials" for this but have not yet found one I could follow, that is UNTIL TODAY!! You did a great job explaining this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
purpleroses made it!1 year ago

This was my first hemp bracelet I made. I like how it came out.

About how much hemp do you need per inch of bracelet? I know for making paracord bracelets you need one foot of paracord per one inch of bracelet.
myroona3 years ago
To make hemp jewelry, you first need to select some hemp twine. Although hemp now comes in many colors, the signature "natural tan" color is still the most popular. Most hemp jewelry is made from 1mm or "20 lb" twine. However, I have seen thicker twines used to good effect, especially for men's necklaces. Make sure your twine is an even thickness (not too many lumpy bits) and smooth (unless you like the rough texture). You might try waxing your hemp jewelry saleas well, if you like that look.
You explained this so well. I think I can do it. Thank you
Gosh, I haven't done this since camp when I was younger! I have to do this again! Thanks for putting this up!