This instructable will teach you the square-knot pattern used for most hemp necklaces.

*The beads used are from my "How to Make Polymer Beads" instructable. Check it out!

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Step 1: Materials.

Hemp - the amount needed depends on whether you're making a bracelet or necklace. In either case, you will need at 12x the length of the measurements. For example, your neck=16" you will need 192" of hemp (16')


Safety Pin or Small Nail (optional)
So I'm making a 9" bracelet. I need one 18" piece folded in half and one piece about 96"?
So for a 9" bracelet, use 9 feet of hemp?
isnt this type of hemp that you can smoke? alway heard you could
No comment. <br> <br>But really dude. REALLY?
cool ? <br>how make this long you make this tell <br>
thanks..thanks to you, I found out why my cords do spins every time that I was doing a bracelet. I never got it straight rows until now. :-)
Thanks for sharing your hard work! I want to make this sometime.
This is one that I made with some dark wood beads
Thanks! Also where did you find the clay cane for the bead instructable... couldn't find them at michaels
I love fiber projects. Your beads with the hemp twine is a great mix and something that would be fun to wear.
Love your work, but I found the bit about the measurements confusing...one strand double the finished length and the other 8x ?
Good one:p and have you thought about making a vid?
Not really..but thinking about it now, that probably would've been a good idea for this one. Explaining the knot process is a bit more difficult than I thought! A video would be easier to follow.
if you make a video, post it.... and this is great! im prob going to make one for my tiki themed bday 2moro....
☻/ This is Bob, he will be taking over soon, very soon. /▌ Copy and paste everywhere! / \
and since hemp is an incredibly strong material it should last for an incredibly long time. i have worn a hemp necklace my BFF gave me for many months and it shows no signs of wear. and it has been through thick and thin and still is really tough.
I like the beads is that Fimo?
this instructable is awesome and clear
Thanks :D
I am confused, when you cut the "doubled" strands, do you cut it to the folded over length or to the full length (2x the folded length)?
The &quot;doubled&quot; strands are actually 1 strand. It's the strand with which you measure you neck and/or how low you want the necklace to hang. <br/><br/>So like, if you want your necklace to be 16&quot; in length, you would pull the strand out to 16&quot; then double it over itself at least 8 times. Or measure it with a ruler...but then that requires having a ruler handy ;)<br/><br/>16&quot; = 128&quot; or a little of 10'<br/>
I'm a bit confused...If you're going to fold the base strand in half (as in the next step), shouldn't you double it first after measuring before you cut it? Otherwise, I am super excited for this instructable! My friends and I were talking about making some of these, but I couldn't remember how to do it...this was a great refresher course. Great job!
I gotcha :) I'll fix it. It is bit misleading.
Thats pretty sweet! How long did it take to make?
Not too long :)
Hey, you used the beads form your previous instructable!
Sho'nuff! Necklace is for sale in my Etsy store too :)
about etsy; can you only sell hand made crafts? or could i use it for something like ebay?
Etsy is for handmade, vintage and crafting/art supplies. Art Fire can be used like Ebay, as they give you the option to "accept offers". Might wanna try that.

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