Here's a slightly lengthy project you can do if you're looking for some atypical destruction. It's a piece inspired by "that crazy German dude" Jörg Sprave, and it launches half-inch hex nuts at up to a hundred feet per second. Please use responsibly.

Files will be included in the links below. (Note: SVG files will be added in a few days. Need to generate them from DXF files first...)

Discuss on the Shapeoko Forums:

Discuss on The Slingshot Forums:
<p>So, can we get a link to the files you used for this?</p>
Whoops. I had the links in the Youtube vid description. Just added it to the instructables page as well. Currently hosting it on the Slingshot and Shapeoko forums:<br> http://www.theslingshotforum.com/f5/pump-action-hex-nut-slingshot-w-cnced-parts-33707/<br> or<br> http://www.shapeoko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&amp;t=2902
<p>Oh, awesome! Thanks!</p>