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Introduction: How to Make a Holiday Snow Globe

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Out of the many snow globes on instructables, I wasn't to keen on making another instructable basically making the same thing. But, what the heck! This snow globe is great to be given as a gift or to keep to yourself in self accomplishment.

Step 1: Materials

To make a snow globe you will need to gather: * A mason or jam jar (with a reliable lid) * Some Christmas themed toys (or other themed for different occasions) *Hot Glue Gun *Glitter * Water (A member has suggesting using distilled baby oil instead of water to enable the glitter to fall more slowly) * Plastic Decor Snow Flakes-Optional

Step 2: Accents

For me I found that some of my toys that I possessed were somewhat boring and not intended to relate to Christmas. The only toy I decorated was the green Lego tree, which I dusted with a PERMANENT paint. The painted inside of the jar was meant to make the globe look as if it was constantly snowing. When it was done, it looked absolutely horrible and drew from the inside of the snow globe.

Step 3: Starting to Glue

When gluing objects to one another, do not hesitate to be over generous to the amount of hot glue used to adhere the objects together; the last thing you want is to have your objects come off of the bottom of the snow globe and float to the top.

Step 4: Adhering Toys to Lid

Glue the toys on the lid of the jar with the hot glue while being sure to not stick anything too close to the side so that the jar won't screw in.

Step 5: The Glitter

Now put the plastic snowflakes in the jar and add some glitter and plastic snowflakes if you have some. Don't add too much or it will be too glittery and you cannot see into the jar.

Step 6: Add Water

Fill the jar up to the brim with water so that it wants to overflow. Gently place the lid on the jar as you would if you were to screw it on ( you might need to do this in the sink unless you would like a watery mess to clean up). Now remove the lid and take out about another spoonful of water. By doing this process, we can minimize the air bubble that will be inside the snow globe when finished. Squirt a rim of hot glue around the inside rim of the jar lid and quickly screw the lid on tightly to the jar.

Step 7: Your Done!

Flip it over, shake it up and your done! Merry Christmas!



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    i am 10 years old

    ps. a kid in 5 th grade


    I am quoting this from a Facebook post, because it answers the reason MANY of us say "Happy Holidays" rather than Merry Christmas on this HOLY Season...

    "Why do I say Happy Holidays? Because from November 1st to January 15th there are approximately 29 holidays observed by 7 of the world's major religions and/or cultures. I respect people of varied faiths and customs and I do not believe that mine should supercede theirs."

    Why do you Americans call it "Holiday"?
    Are you too scared to say "Christmas? Because that's what it is.

    And it is also a holiday. Why must you be so oddly controlling of what other people say?

    Because some people don't believe in Christmas but go along with the holiday thing.

    The word Holiday is a shortened form of Holy Day, so if you don't believe in Christmas why celebrates its Holy Day?

    There are seven letters in "Holiday" and seven letters in "Holy Day"... this is barely "shortened"... The Fourth of July is also called a "Holiday" in America... care to comment on it's "religious" significance? What about Memorial Day and Labor Day?

    The "reason for the season" is celestial mechanics and orbital tilt... the 21st through the 25th is when the nights stop getting longer and become ever so noticeably shorter. It's called a "Solstice"... Some primitive peoples considered this change a time to celebrate, certain other peoples co-opted those celebrations into their own.

    Whatever you want to call it, it is a time when people in the northern latitudes have celebrations for one reason or another. Be peaceful and joyful in whatever form of celebration you prefer and be happy for those who celebrate in a different fashion. This is really not a forum for airing or arguing religious views.

    Here - here!! I like the way you think and express yourself!! Now let's all be nice!! It's Christmas whether you agree or not!!