Picture of How to Make a Holiday Wreath
Today I will be instructing you how to make a festive holiday wreath using inexpensive materials.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- Wicker Wreath
- Bush-ale of Fake Flowers and or Leaves
- Wire
- Glue Gun
- Ribbon Wide
- Ribbon Thin
- Scissors
- Seasonal ornaments or objects
A Crafty Mind 

Step 2: Bow Making Process

Picture of Bow Making Process
Because the Bow is the centerpiece of your wreath you want to start by crafting that first. Now you want to unravel the wide ribbon from its spool so you have one long piece of ribbon. Taking one of the ends, wrap it around your finger making a button shaped circle. Then start twisting and looping the yarn remembering to alternate sides each time so it inst to become disproportional. When that process has been completed you want to take a small to medium piece of the wire  thinner the better and wrap it through the button and then twisting it closed. Do not cut off the extra hanging wire this will be used to attach the bow to the wreath. 

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
When decorating a wreath you want to decide if its going to be half decorated or fully decorated. I prefer the half decorated wreath because it tends to not look as crowded or competing with the wreath itself. For this purpose I will be demonstrating a half decorated wreath. Now taking your bow you must first choose a side to secure it one. When decided separate the now two pieces of wire looking them through the wreath and again twisting the ends securely. After that has been completed its time to add the seasonal ornaments. You don't want to glue them in just yet your only going to be placing them in for now. You might decide later you want a flower of pumpkin positioned in another spot so this allows for easy removal and placing.  
groybe2 years ago
Yeah I hate videos. Also whats the go with the pic of the girl? Wouldn't the wreath be better?
l8nite2 years ago
Welcome to the addictive realm of instructable posters ! You've created a very pretty wreath. Links to other sites are generally frowned upon, you can upload videos here, personally I prefer pictures and written instructions.