Step 4: Finished and Test Cut

Picture of Finished and Test Cut
The final step is to make a test cut. I made a test cut of my logo into pine. The software I use is Google SketchUp to design it and then a plugin to convert it into g-code and Mach3 to control it. The total cost of this CNC was about $700.

Here you can view a video of my first test cut:
DuaneS19 months ago

i would like to know can i make one to cut envelops

Nice work. Just getting started on my own, and you gave me some great ideas! Cheers!

johnaobrien3 years ago
Very Nice. I am wondering if the Z-axis can be programmed as well or if only one setting is available? Can you cut in 3 dimensions? This looks to be a very fun project and thank you for sharing.
Yes, it's fully 3D capable. You can see the z-axis motor at the top of the z-axis tower, in the back.
Paladin3 years ago
Kyle - lovely project! Your website you link to is in bad shape. None of the links on that site work. Which is a shame, because I wanted to see what you'd done thus far.