This guide will show you how to construct a small alcohol stove for any number of uses. Things you should know;
never flip upside down even when cap is on,
NEVER EVER light when wick is not in ( It will shoot a rocket of fire out of the hole and it will burn you and make a loud noise),
if you decide to use a less pure or toxic form of fuel always use outdoors.

And I here by declare that I am not liable for anything! At all!
Now let us have some fun =)

You will need:
a can of tuna
a can opener
a ziplock bag
a hammer and nail
some cloth or rope
a hot glue gun
a bottle cap
and a lighter

less detailed video  (subscribe please)
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Step 1: Step One

Grab your tuna and your can opener. Proceed to open the can and empty the contents into a ziplock bag for later use.
Lord, how I hate the smell of tuna. They have chicken in cans this size, maybe I'll do chicken. <br /> <br /> Neat idea though.<br /> <br />

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