From Birthdays to Intro to Interior Design 101, candles can make any moment more magical and special and can also be used to create a soothing ambience. Making a candle out of butter is a great way to save money and create that soothing atmosphere. This method is simple, inexpensive and can be used to get rid of those old pieces of butter lying in your fridge. This project shouldn’t cost you more than 10 dollars with most of the expense coming from the bars of butter itself. The time required to make 4 candles was about 2 hours but that is inclusive of the hour that the candles are cooling. This project is going to show you how to make 4 small candles out of butter and string! Your final product  should look like the picture below.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the following items to make 4 candles.

2 sheets of newspaper
0.25 lb. bar of butter
7cm Cotton string
4 2-Ounce Plastic Shot glasses
Microwavable Cup / Bowl
Parchment paper

The picture above should contain all the necessary materials you will need.
This may be a silly question: will margarine work as well? It's a great idea, but I would hesitate to use butter if I could make the candles more cheaply with margarine!
<p>Margarine has a much higher water content to it. Butter has much more fat solids. </p>
You can use Crisco and avoid this whole mess. It will burn for hours.
I'll definitely be trying this soon ^_^ However, I'll probably be using a glass container rather than plastic so I can skip the stuff with the parchment paper ^_^ Really cool idea, thanks :D
Bacon fat *will* work...back in my camping days, we used to make &quot;candles&quot; for camp illumination, heat (not great, but in a pinch) out of tallow (fat, but from beef...pork isn't much different). it's the perfect excuse to eat more bacon :)
Candles were originally made from tallow.
Yep, that's why we used on our camping trips...tried to stay as close to older days as we could :)
(this was a response to Alexmac...dunno why it didn't go under his) <br>
I dunno if I like these ideas.... The only time I would need a candle is if the powers off... and the last thing I need is to have a craving for bacon or popcorn while the powers out. :P
Great idea in a pinch! These could be made using small jelly jars -- glass is better to prevent fire hazard -- and you could simply melt the butter right into the jar. The idea is great, though I think that the method is more complicated than it needs to be. What is the point of using the parchment paper and then pulling out the shaped butter? Couldn't you just pour the melted butter into the glasses?
Yup definetly. I tried that the first time and it melted my shot glass. But if you use a glass jar, you could skip the parchment paper step and make it a lot easier! Thanks for the tips!
It's cool but... butter is actually more expensive than candle. :D
Could use also bacon fat perhaps :)
perhaps ...
Nice job! Looks great

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