Picture of How to Make a Hylian Shield out of Plywood
This tutorial will show you how to make a medium quality Hylian shield out of plywood. This took me around 28 hours of work-time to complete (not counting glue/paint/primer drying), and ran me about $60. This project is not hard if you take your time and think it out. You will need the following materials:

3-4 pieces of ~24x28 1/4th inch plywood (you can change this depending on your desired size)
Wood Glue
Gorilla Glue
Blue Painters Tape
Clamps (more the better)
Handheld Sabre Saw or Jig Saw
Power Drill
Dremel Tool
Construction Paper (about the size of your plywood)
Box Cutter or Scissors
Paint Primer
Metallic Silver Spray Paint
Blue Spray Paint
Yellow Spray Paint
Red Spray Paint
Paper (graph worked better for me)
Sawhorse (or some other acceptable object to work on)
Nuts and Bolts
Scanner, Transparency Paper and Projector (unless you want to free hand)
Leather Punch
Leather Straps (or some other material to make handles out of)
Lots of Time

You can acquire the materials as you go along. You will only need a pencil and paper to start. Everyone has that! Lets get started.

Step 1: Draw it out

Picture of Draw it out
This first step, depending on your artistic ability, may be the easiest or the hardest. I'm not the most artistic of people, so for me this took quite a good while. You want to find some pictures on the internet of the shield you want to make, and draw it out on paper. For this project, I went with a slightly enlarged Twilight Princess version. Take your time on this. Took me about seven hours to draw.

*Note: As you can see in the drawing and the finished product, I did not make the enclosure piece around the triforce or add the details on the pentagon at the top. I will be making a second shield, and I hopefully will give you an idea of how to do that. Or if you're feeling creative, give it a go yourself!
vandim199 made it!4 months ago

I made it for 4$ and took me 4 hours

Eh Lie Us!2 years ago
Rock on, ey. Your level of work is good. Keep it up in all aspects of life and you'll do alright.
dataphool2 years ago
I am impressed by the quality of your artwork! Do you intend a career as a graphic artist? Kudos
Claymore2106 (author)  dataphool2 years ago
A career? Probably not. However it is something I've always wanted to get into. We will see where it takes me. Thanks!
The Rambler2 years ago
Very cool.
Honus2 years ago
Nice job!