How to Make a Karambit





Introduction: How to Make a Karambit

This is my karambit video.

Step 1: Part 2



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    nice knife - are there any vids on Youtube of it in combat???

    Yea i wish i had thought of that before i gave it to my friend. But i am currently working on one which is solid steel and going to be very sharp so if you subscribe to my channel i will put it there as soon as i can.

    what metal are ya going to use?? - tricky call as ya don't want it to bend, but you also don't want it to break.

    I used an untempered circular saw blade actually three for the blade and five for the handle then i welded them all to make one piece.

    should be a good combination - will look forward to the build and test.

    subscribe to your channel? - are we talking Youtube -I only ask because your instructable vid did not come up or play on my machine but if you give me the youtube title I will jump over and subscribe right away.

    Have subscribed as promised - very cool vids - like the part about "you can never have too many clamps".