How to Make a Key Fob Out of Leftover Paracord Scraps





Introduction: How to Make a Key Fob Out of Leftover Paracord Scraps

have you ever made a paracord braclet and threw away the leftover scraps. well don't you can quickly make a paracord key fob out of those scraps.

Step 1: What You Will Need

you will need


-a cutting tool


-key ring

-paracord scraps

Step 2: Prep for the Tying

preping for the tying is easy simply fold the paracord in half and put it through the ring and fold it to the preffered length

Step 3: Tying the Knot

put the first cord under the loop put the second cord under cord #1 bring cord #2 over the loop and under the loop created with cord #1 tighten reapt knot to the end of loop

Step 4: Finishing It Up

cut the two cords and burn with a lighter

Step 5: Enjoy

I hope you like your new key fob enjoy



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already have instructions with many others things with paracord. Thanks anyways.

about how long were the scrap pieces? Thanks

That's great,& I want to learn as much as I can w/p-cord and I know another thing, paracord is right up there with tie wire and duct tape!

I've done this very thing with my longer scraps. Very handy!

then make a smaller one its a lot bigger then it looks