A quick and easy box-kite with only a single spar. Most of the materials you need can be recycled from your local supermarket or burger joint. My local supermarket sells fresh pies in flat-bottomed bags, takeaway bags also work well, but this version uses two of the brown grocery bags given out by American supermarkets.

Note: I originally wrote this Instructable in 2007, and only used black-and-white diagrams.  I decided to update it in 2012, when in San Francisco, and all our shopping came in paper bags instead of plastic carriers.  For the sake of history, I have attached a PDF of the original version, but don't feel obliged to read it.

Step 1: You Will Need...

For this version, I used:

Two clean, flat-bottomed grocery bags, quarter-inch dowel, sewing thread, and glue.  The only tool I used was my Leatherman multitool.

You can substitute your own materials wherever you like (for instance, you could use the bag your burger came in, and the straw from your drink instead of the grocery sack and dowel).

(Irony: I used sewing thread to fly this version, but as we walked on from our test-flight, we found an abandoned reel of kite-line.)

Aha- finally a use for the brown paper bags we get from the sandwich shop. I've even got the dowel to hand, the challenge will be flying it and taking photos at the same time :)
That's why I have children...
Easy to follow and the kite seems to fly efficiently. Congratulations for the interesting work which will certainly make my day!
Thank you.
Those bags are recycled, bio-degradable made by X-men...<br> What else could you ask for :-)<br> <br> A
40 years ago (or so) I did a &quot;flying cylinder&quot;. It flew awesomely, I suppose this your is equally efficient, and a lot easier. <br><br>But here are a serious epidemic of a disease that causes children and young people prefer watching football on TV to fly a kite...
Honor to your name.
I made one and it worked brilliantly!!!
Cool - any chance of a photo?
mille fois merci encore :D
<br> <a rel="nofollow">Vous &ecirc;tes les bienvenus.</a>
When you say cut four metre-long tails, do you mean cut 4 tails that are 1 metre long or cut tails that are 4 metres long? I'm a bit confused about that part. I need one of those bags now...
It's 4x1m. Sorry, should have made that clearer. If you use very light tails (like video cassette tape) you can make them much longer if you want.
OH SNAP. KITE MAN MADE A KITE. LOL anyway, this is cool, and i have some ideas for mine, if i make one. do you really need 4metre long tails? they always seem too long for me. on my last kite, it needed 6 foot tails, and i used like 3 feet. so, can i use smaller tails on my kite? or is it best to have a long length?
I used very light, smooth tails, so they needed to be longer. It also depends on wind conditions, and what sort of look you're going for. This is a small, anonymous kite, so it needed long tails to show up.
You can even make these without the stick by rolling the bottom front edge of the bag 2 or 3 times around a pencil, then tape (or glue) the tube you have made and remove the pencil. You will have to trim the other front edges flush with your "tube"
Good idea - thanks.
step by step photos would help me out a lot..thanks
I'll add it to my long "to do" list, but if I'm honest it's a long way down.
nice kite, it's windy today, so i think I'll build it!
Cool - how about posting a photo?
well, by the time i got around to making the kite, the wind stopped :( (stupid Colorado weather)... Anyways, I found an easy fix for that! I strapped the kite to the back of my bike and headed off. I didn't get very far. When I rounded the turn from my driveway to the road, my kite got stuck around the mail box and the thread ripped in half. once i got around the mailbox though, flying was great! I didn't get much lift, because the thread was half the length as before...It's hard to take pictures behind you while riding a bike...but they turned out OK :) BEWARE OF THE MONSTER KITE! :)
That is a cool kite - I really like the fangs.
Bleeding fantastic! I reckon even the five-year-olds in my class at school could do this. Thanks.
That seems like a pretty simple thing to do on a boring Saturday..thanks :D

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