Picture of How to Make a Knex Paper Clip
This instructable shows you how to make a simple paper clip out of k'nex.

-simple to make
-low amount of peices
-looks pretty cool
-nilla wafers not needed

-dents paper a bit

Anyway enjoy!!

Step 1: Mateirials

Picture of Mateirials

1 orange clip//
1 gray clip//


1 white rod//
1 green rod//


1 gray spacer//
2 light blue//

And thats all...

famousguy3 years ago
Can't you just use a real paper clip?
Dumchicken4 years ago
it isnt numatic
elenwaren5 years ago
sheet of papel
avwos6 years ago

You could just use a real paperclip...
sharlston avwos6 years ago
he he ANGRY KID!
spudling9 (author)  avwos6 years ago
who cares its cool
manu116 years ago
Neat idea! does it have to be that long?
yay man u
spudling9 (author)  manu116 years ago
it gives it some looks
arrow shot6 years ago
i agree manu. Really all you need is the green peice and a connector
spudling9 (author)  arrow shot6 years ago
again...givesit some looks