How I make a simple leather knife sheath.

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Excellent video, well done! I have a Russel belt knife that needs a sheath, I shall follow your instructions. <br>
how did you use the compass to mark the holes? <br>
I think he just used a compass that has the points on either end as a guided hole punch. By setting it to a certain width he could be sure the spacing was the same between every hole. Then he used the divots left to line up the drill bit. At least that's what I would do.
Very good! <br> <br> Loved the detail on your video, V gouge and 6 0z leather and the plastic wrap! (loved that little trick!)... they say the devil is in the details. <br> <br>I got most of it, just what sort of stitching do you use? I have some tougher &quot;BlueJean&quot; Thread I would like to use, but I've not done this before. Also, how do you get the Pen marks out of the leather? <br> <br>Thanks for your video.
Thank you very much, I appreciated this as you've covered my thoughts on which glue and I like your methods-warm water form, clamp, glue, then sew.
Seriously this a pretty good video on how to make a &quot;custom&quot; knife sheath. Good work!
Thank you very much!

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