How to Make a Knife Pt 2


Introduction: How to Make a Knife Pt 2

This is the second video in a two part series on making knives with simple tools.

for more tutorials and information on knifemaking, check out my website:



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    I've never seen anyone attach the tang to the handle in that manner before, did you come up with that yourself? I think I might try that method on my next project.

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    what kind of oil did u use for the wood handle?

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    boiled linseed oil. Available in the paint section of most hardware stores.

    Amazing how much time it takes to make a decent knife!

    very good video. very informative and well made. good work sir.

    The handle seems a little disproportional compared to the blade but this is only a matter of taste. I really enjoyed your video, it contains all the information needed for this job.Nice!