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One of the best things about summer is playing a casual game on a field or the beach. In our office, one of our favorite games is called Kubb (rhymes with "tube") that is originally from Sweden. If you have access to some woodworking tools it's pretty easy to make and a lot of fun to play.

What's so fun about the game may not be obvious at first, but after a single game many people get hooked. Trust me, it's worth the bit of effort it takes to make a set.

Kubb wiki page
Rules of play

Step 1: Get some wood!

Picture of Get some wood!
To make one set you'll need:

- 6' of 4x4
- 6' of 1.5"-2" dowel
- 4' of .75" dowel
- 30' of string

If this is your first set you might want to pick up an 8' piece of 4x4 to try making a couple different kings.
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Mark 421 month ago
For the pronunciation freaks... Did it occur to you that pronunciation variations could be regional?
kamazeuci6 years ago
I think you really don't need the exact measures. For example, I've just made my kubb set with firewood splitted with my axe. I did the best to match indicated sizes but obviously with an axe you can't be that precise.. I bet vikings didn't buy their kubbs at home depot.

No they sure didn't, but they were probably more accurate with an ax then they would be with a circular saw.

HewgO7 years ago
Great Instructable! However, "Kubb" doesn't rhyme with "tube", it actually rhymes more with "tub". Trust me, I'm from Sweden :P Anyways, it's really fun to see that people outside of Sweden are taking a liking to this fantastic, wood-tossing, game :)
MegaMaker HewgO6 years ago
It's pronounced "koob".
It's not pronounced koob! HewgO is right, it rhymes more with tub, but the U sound is like a mix between the american U and O.
Yes! Are you swedish? I am. It's pronounced more tike tub than tube.

Jo jag föddes I mora och min mor lär Amerikaner Svenska. I am Swedish, and my mother teaches Swedish to American/w.e culture adults. Not that it really matters, but it is much closer to toob, then tub.

HewgO MegaMaker5 years ago
"Koob" is actually a very good example of how it sounds like when americans try to speak swedish. They never quite get the U right.
Well I dunno about you all, but in Denmark it sounds no where near tub. And I'm not going to try to spell it because its not rly possible in english.
Just like americans can't say "rod grod med flode" except the o's in that should be o's w/ lines in them but I cant type that.
Quick question. I thought I got all the measurements down and made a set. Then questioned myself about the 12" rods. I looked here again and your directions call for a rod 1 1/2 -2". I made mine 1". do you think it will make a difference? I would like to think no (cuz i actually cut them out of 2x4 then routed the edges, dang! All that work) but Im afraid you're going to say yes:-) thx

Made a set for the 4th of July weekend. Played on a level surface by the lake front. We had a lot of boat people come close to shore and watch us play the game and ask us what the game was and how it was played. A fun time was had by all.

PS1181 year ago
Made one from western red cedar. (Yea I'm a cedar addict, what can I say?)
Sadly, it started raining before I could try it, but soon...
Arrhyno2 years ago
Don't want to be too over-the-top when I play, but as a noob (pronounced like newb), would the extra weight of treated 4 x 4's (which I have some scraps of) throw off the way the game is played? Can any experienced players let me know what they think? Thx
As someone who has played, I don't think it would be noticeable.. However, I wouldn't use pressure treated (PT) lumber unless people can wash their hands after. PT has toxins which transfer to skin. This isn't good if you are playing at a BBQ picnic.
or you could just paint a stripe on it with enamel paint
taluntain3 years ago
just made a set today great part is i got all the wood for free
fungus amungus (author)  taluntain3 years ago
Nice! It's not too hard to make this from scrap and it doesn't really matter as long as you have fun playing it.
I love this game, I made a set a year ago and beveled the ends of the smaller ones and lacquered them all.
fungus amungus (author)  transparency7 years ago
Excellent! Cool to see that someone else knows about this game.
what do you mean about someone else knows this game
alisha78693 years ago
omg is it really true if you read it tel me
CrawJac3 years ago
We made a set and have not put it down. We used it to kill time while cooking a turkey in a trashcan and almost forgot about the bird!

Great job and thanks!
I was too lazy to read the official directions. but to make it more interesting when I play, to shoot for the king we bend over and shoot through our legs
lol "kubb that hes gonna miss"
makendo5 years ago
Great way for me to recycle some fence post offcuts and an old curtain rod! Looking forward to trying it out this afternoon. Thanks!
seamster5 years ago
I saw this a while ago, and thought the game looked interesting. I just played it for the first time this weekend--it's a great game! Thanks for posting this.

I'll be making a set for myself soon.
fungus amungus (author)  seamster5 years ago
Glad to hear it. You should totally make a set. It's easy and you can knock it out in an hour. The only tricky part for me was finding a place that sold the bigger sized dowels.

Just in time for summer, too!
Logan D5 years ago
 I should've posted on this a year ago after this instructable after it prompted my interest in and love of kubb.
After first reading this I found an old 4X4 of clear cedar in my garage, bought some poplar dowels, knocked out a set in a day, stained and sealed it, shoved it in a milk crate, and forgot about it until the summer.
One faithful day I decided my and my friends might as well try it, and I think for the next month or two of summer we played everyday, beating that old cedar set to hell and back. It really is one of the best yard games we've ever played and my and my buddies are starting to build our own second generation sets. I am currently planning to make myself a new softwood set every summer, keeping my old battle scarred kings as momentos.
I encourage anyone to try this game, it's fun, strategic, and easy to pick up in an afternoon(though usual some house rules are developed).
fungus amungus (author)  Logan D5 years ago
Glad you made a set and enjoyed it. I've made 3 sets so far. One for myself and the others for friends. Super easy to knock out if you have a table saw handy.
bejt616 years ago
I got my wood from a local hardwood retailer for FREE. I got the spacers or shoring stock they use when shipping and storing the lumber. My king and batons are hickory and the kubbs are maple. BTW a wet 3 3/4 X 3 5/8 x 48 inch picece of hickory is kinda heavy. I am going back to see if I can score another 4 X 4 of that hickory.
RobertAdams6 years ago
I couldn't find 2" dowel at my local Lowes. The largest I found was 1 1/4". However, when I played, it seemed to be big enough to knock over the kubbs and king.
Try a Woodcraft store. Find your local one at www.woodcraft.com
We use a piece of hand rail instead of dowel. The only difference is a flat spot on one side. It is much easier to find at home improvement store and you can buy it buy the foot.
fungus amungus (author)  RobertAdams6 years ago
That's good. Home Depot didn't have it either. I had to go to a hardwood supply house in the area to get it. As long as it works, right? Also I found that playing with the rule that the kubbs get thrown out of the game after they've been knocked down twice makes it more fun when people are new to it. Have fun!
MegaMaker6 years ago
This game rules. I played it some time back on an 86 mile float trip. SO fun.
loki955317 years ago
The S.C.A group near me are vikings and play this every time I go to a meeting.one of their rules is you must have a drink in one hand at all times. makes it a bit more challenging if its beer or stronger.lots of fun even sober.I gotta make me a set. thanks for reminding me.
stuant637 years ago
This is a great game (nice instructable too). We discovered it last year at a Pictish/Viking re-enactment day and play it a lot now with a rough and ready home made set. We don't bother with the string between the corner markers. A variant rule we have is this; on the FIRST occasion only in the game when a player is throwing to knock over the king (ie win the game), he has the choice to "be sporting" and use only one of his remaining throwing batons. Thereafter, all available batons are used on turns where a player is trying to hit the king. It adds an extra bit of interest.
fungus amungus (author)  stuant637 years ago
An assault on the king, eh? Sounds interesting. Yeah, the game is totally fun. In fact, we'll be playing it later today! As for the string, that's just to measure out the field in the beginning. We don't bother leaving it around the field.
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