Introduction: How to Make a L.E.D Flashlight DIY

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Hey guys I'm back with another inscrutable sorry for late upload so this instcrutable is how to make a led torch it is going to be a easy one so Enjoy :)(the picture attached above shows the torch in action) and it can also be used in a survival situation. And it is pretty bright in close range.

Step 1: Items List

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The items are pretty simple
you will need
1. a soldering iron and soldering wire
2. a mentos box (it can be any box but it has to be big to contain two AAA cells)
3. a hot glue gun
4. wires 6 of them
5. two L.E.D. any colour I used blue
6. a switch of any kind
and that's pretty much it.

Step 2: Drilling

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So the first step is to drill two holes for the L.E.D. so in my case I'm using a mentos box so I had to drill two holes from each side and the distance from each side was 1.75 cm.

Step 3:

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After drilling the holes I got glued them to secure them in place.

Step 4:

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After that cut a hole in the box the size of your switch and solder your L.E.D. terminals together and solder the two cells in parallel you do that by connecting their terminals together like +with+ -with-.

Step 5:

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After that solder both the wires you have on the switch and from there on the L.E.D.

Step 6:

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After that I secured the switch in the hole I made earlier with hot glue and inserted piece of plastic in the finished product to prevent it from shorting or moving continuously in the bottle and after that voila you're finished.


seamster (author)2016-09-30

Nice and simple, well done. :)

maverick 2210 (author)seamster2016-09-30

Thank you so much

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