I need something for Christmas for my front window, especially since I destroyed the stain glass thing I was going to put up (sigh).  On Pintrest, someone pinned a floor lamp, made with rope lights and rope.  Lovely, yet boring.  I avoid boredom. So I decided to take the basic premise, and add my own twist to it.  One twist was based on a scrap fabric rug I made years ago, and another is based on the fact that I just put up new shower curtain and realized that here was a great source of plastic yarn (plarn:  http://www.plasticbagcrafts.com/make-plarn/ ).  So here is How to Make a LED Star Winter Flower.

Step 1:

2 - 18ft. LED Rope lights (your choice of color)
Zip ties
A frosted shower curtain (a clear one would do, too)
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat
Straight edge
Safety pin
This is soo pretty
Thank you.

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Bio: In a valiant attempt to keep myself from dying of boredom, I create.
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