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Everybody Loves Owls! So here's a sweet stuffed OWL pillow that you will Fall In Love With this Valentine's Day; another heartwarming idea from Love to Sew Studio! The best part about this project is, we'll show you how to make this without a pattern. All you need is a dinner plate and a cup-n-saucer plate to use to make your Owl pattern.

Let's get started:
You will need:
*about 1/3 yard of fabric for front and back of owl body
*scraps of red, pink, and black fabric for eyes, nose, heart, feet, and wings
*fiber-fill for stuffing
*basic sewing needs

You can find more Valentine Crafts Here: http://www.lovetosew.com/freevalentinepatterns.htm

Step 1: Love Owl Pillow: a Valentine Sewing Craft - Make the Pattern Step 1

Picture of Love Owl Pillow: a Valentine Sewing Craft - Make the Pattern Step 1
Let's make your owl pattern:

First tape two 8.5" x 11" piece of computer paper together side by side.

Trace a dinner plate.  This will be the base of the owl body.
breebear1 year ago
Love this! <3
drwebster2 years ago
that is adorable,thanks for the instructable
It looks very good.
mary candy3 years ago
so cute!!
ChrysN3 years ago
It looks so sweet!
Love to Sew Studio (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks! :-)
Adorable! You could even sew a little pocket on the back to put chocolates in! :D
That is such a great idea!!!! Thanks!
That is so cute! I just love the Hedwig one :)
awww. Thank you! I'm trying to find my photo of all the Hedwig's we made. When I find it, I'll add that too! :-)