Step 6: Love Owl Pillow: a Valentine Sewing Craft - Make the Owl Pillow Step 3

Zigzag appliqué the wings, eyes, and feet on first.
Either use a heat bond for the smaller pieces like the eye center, heart, and nose, or zigzag them on next.
Love this! <3
that is adorable,thanks for the instructable
It looks very good.
so cute!!
It looks so sweet!
Thanks! :-)
Adorable! You could even sew a little pocket on the back to put chocolates in! :D
That is such a great idea!!!! Thanks!
That is so cute! I just love the Hedwig one :)
awww. Thank you! I'm trying to find my photo of all the Hedwig's we made. When I find it, I'll add that too! :-)

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