Introduction: How to Make a Laptop Stand Out of a Soda Can

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I was looking at other instructables for laptop stands, and i didn't have the materials. so what did i do? i made my own! This instructable will show you how to make a laptop stand from only one very easy material to come by: soda cans. this method is super easy, cheap, and effective, and i'm sure you have two soda cans laying around the house!

Step 1: Obtain 2 Cans

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Look in your recycling, on your table, or in your car cupholders for a used, empty soda can. it doesn't matter what size. (or go to your fridge and drink a soda. then you can use the can.) or, if you only drink canned beer, use one of those. :)

Step 2: Draw the Line on the Can

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Take a sharpie. draw a line around the can at the bottom sloping downwards. basically, if the can was a carrot, think of slicing it in half at an angle. remember to draw it all the way around the can.

Step 3: Cut the Can

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Take a knife (i used a pocketknife) and cut along the line you drew. you can also use scissors or a sharp steak knife or any sharp knife...

Step 4: Enjoy Your Easy, Cheap Laptop Stand!

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You're finished! put them under your laptop. if you're lazy and didn't make two, just put one in the middle of you're laptop. don't worry, they're pretty sturdy, and extremely portable! :D


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