In this tutorial you will learn how to build your own Laser Flashlight.
Using 532mn Green Laser Pointers, and a Maglite Flashlight. This Laser Flashlight Hack was a fun project and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Step 1: Step 1

Get a couple of fist fulls of green laser pointers.
Here is where I got the packs from


Step 2: Step 2

Extract the diodes from the housings. The best way I found is just to use a pair of needle nose pliers and peel away the casing from the outside. Its easy to do if you just give it a little twist.

Step 3: Step 3

Epoxy them together in groups. I made 5 groups. A row of 5, 2 rows of 4, and, 2 rows of 3. When put all together they will make an even hexagon with 19pc total used.

Step 4: Step 4

Wire the battery + and battery - circuits together in parallel. The battery + contact runs along the base on the back side of the driver board. The battery neg is the top switch leg on the opposite side.

Step 5: Step 5

Epoxy the strips of laser diodes together and put some aluminum flat bars around the outside for extra heat sinking (The strips are optional but a good idea because lasers generate a lot of heat).

Step 6: Step 6

Create an expansion for the flashlight host (Maglite) using PVC pipe. This is a 3" to 1.5" adapter. Cutting a 2" piece of the 1.5" pipe and slipping one end into the maglite head (with the bezel removed) and the other end into the adapter makes a snug fit, no epoxy is needed. Also cut about a 4" long piece of the 3" pipe and slip it into the other end of the adapter.

Step 7: Step 7

Install the diodes into the housing and wire them to the maglite switch. You will only need 2 wires since we assembled the didoes in series.

For details on prepping a mag switch see here:)


Step 8: Step 7

Wake up the neighbors! Remember even though these lasers are low power they do have the potential to be harmful to eye sight so be careful where you point it :) Having a set of laser saftey glasses is also a good practice. I Hope that you have enjoyed this experiment as much as I did!

For more DIY projects like this one please visit my youtube channel.


<p>This thing is insane. I've used a single green laser pointer as a flashlight for indoor settings--the light reflects off the surrounding walls enough to really light things up--but I'm astounded to see this application for outdoor use. Just be real careful not to accidentally hit an aircraft low on the horizon.</p><p>How long does the flashlight run on standard D batteries? </p>
HI echodog,<br><br>The run time is pretty short. Alkaline D cells would not carry the load that this requres, so I used NIMH D cells. The current draw is about 7 amps so it would be around an hour and fifteen minutes before the cells were depleted.
<p>Cool project, reminds me of Doctor Octopus' anti-gravity cannon</p>
<p>Thanks snowy. Have you got a link to a good pic of that cannon? You've got me currious what its like now....</p>
It's on the Spiderman Ride at Universal Studios Florida. Its not the weapon itself, it's the bright green beam it emits.<br><br>
<p>OH, I see now... Thanks.</p>

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