How to Make a Leather Bound Journal or Notebook





Introduction: How to Make a Leather Bound Journal or Notebook

Learn to make a leather bound journal or notebook from an old leather jacket and a cheap notebook.

Step 1: Reinforce Covers of Notebook

Cut to size cardboard pieces to reinforce covers of your notebook. Use hot glue gun to add the cardboard pieces to the covers.

Step 2: Cut Out Leather From Jacket

Cut out the back panel of the leather jacket.

Step 3: Cut Leather to Size

This step is difficult to describe how to do it the right way, so I suggest watching the video to fully understand the best way to cut your leather piece to size.

Step 4: Cut Excess Leather on the Binding

Cut excess leather on the binding.

Step 5: Glue on Leather

Hot glue the leather edges onto the notebook.

Step 6: Use Image to Mark Points

With a woodburner mark points of printed out image.

Step 7: Connect the Dots

Connect the dots to outline image.

Step 8: Add Shade

Add the shade with quick light strokes.

Step 9: Add Border

Add border if desired.



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    A BIG Thanks for sharing this. I had not thought of using a wood burning tool to darken leather before, so that is entirely new to me.