Introduction: How to Make a Leather Bound Journal or Notebook

Learn to make a leather bound journal or notebook from an old leather jacket and a cheap notebook.

Step 1: Reinforce Covers of Notebook

Picture of Reinforce Covers of Notebook

Cut to size cardboard pieces to reinforce covers of your notebook. Use hot glue gun to add the cardboard pieces to the covers.

Step 2: Cut Out Leather From Jacket

Picture of Cut Out Leather From Jacket

Cut out the back panel of the leather jacket.

Step 3: Cut Leather to Size

Picture of Cut Leather to Size

This step is difficult to describe how to do it the right way, so I suggest watching the video to fully understand the best way to cut your leather piece to size.

Step 4: Cut Excess Leather on the Binding

Picture of Cut Excess Leather on the Binding

Cut excess leather on the binding.

Step 5: Glue on Leather

Picture of Glue on Leather

Hot glue the leather edges onto the notebook.

Step 6: Use Image to Mark Points

Picture of Use Image to Mark Points

With a woodburner mark points of printed out image.

Step 7: Connect the Dots

Picture of Connect the Dots

Connect the dots to outline image.

Step 8: Add Shade

Picture of Add Shade

Add the shade with quick light strokes.

Step 9: Add Border

Picture of Add Border

Add border if desired.


MichiganDave (author)2015-10-25

A BIG Thanks for sharing this. I had not thought of using a wood burning tool to darken leather before, so that is entirely new to me.

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