How to Make a Leather Money Clip Wallet




Introduction: How to Make a Leather Money Clip Wallet

In this video learn how to make this very popular, thin, and compact version of a bifold wallet. Unlike traditional billfold wallets this wallet utilizes a money clip in the center to securely hold the bills in place saving the need for any bill compartments leaving more room for cards while doing away with any unnecessary bulk. I used thin .9mm thick leather throughout this project, but 1.6 - 2.2mm thick leather could be substituted for the main body. So, if you plan to do any leather carving and tooling I would definitely recommend using a thicker leather for that purpose. Another great feature on this wallet is the exterior card slot that could be used for business cards or a credit card you use more often. To make this card easier to extract I have cut out a tab that your thumb can easily push the card out of the slot with. I have also included 2 hidden pockets for extra storage behind the interior card slots. This is great little wallet and easy to conceal in your pocket. It's also fairly easy to make and build with a minimal amount of tools. A detailed PDF pattern for this project can be downloaded from

Specification: Wallet Dimensions folded - 12 x 8.5cm 6 slots for cards (each slot can hold up to 3 cards each) 2 large storage compartments behind the card slots 1 money clip 1 exterior large card slot

Type of Project - Leather craft Project Level - (Novice to intermediate leather worker)



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