Found some lithium ion cells from an old laptop battery, so decided to make a cell holder to use them in my projects. This holder also has a power switch.

Watch the video and learn to make a holder for lithium ion cells.

For written Procedure, proceed to step 2....

Step 1: Materials Required

1. A General Purpose PCB Board

2. Few paper clips

3. Jumper pins

4. PCB switch

5. Wire cutter

6. Pliers

7. Soldering iron

Step 2: Steps to Make the Cell Holder

1. Take two paper clips and unfold them carefully.

2. Using pliers, cut the shorter side.

3. Insert the shorter clip on one side of PCB Board and solder it on the base.

4. Take lithium ion cell and mark the position of the other clip.

5. Insert the clip at the marked position.

Note: Make sure to solder really well, so that the copper does not wear off from PCB. This will provide a firm support to the clips
Watch the video to get a more visual clarity of the procedure..!

6. Take the remaining portion of the clips we cut earlier and make them straight using pliers.

7. Bend the edges slightly.

8. Insert the clips at the sides and solder them well.

9. Solder two jumper pins near the edge of the cell.

10. Connect one pin to one of the cell terminal.

11. Solder a PCB switch on the board and connect the remaining pin to the switch. Then, connect the switch to the remaining terminal of cell holder using a wire.

Note: You can also use this technique to make cell holder for any number of cells and connect them in series or parallel, so as to get the required voltage.
I have made a 4 cell and a 2 cell holder as well.

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