Picture of How to Make a Local Administrator Account
In this Instructable, I will show you how to:
1) Make a new account and simultaneously make it a local admin.
2) Turn an existing account into a local admin.

This is very easy, and can be done at school. THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU A NETWORK ADMIN! It will only make you an administrator on that computer.
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Step 1: Make a New Account, and Make it an Administrator.

Picture of Make a New Account, and Make it an Administrator.
save as.bmp
saved mod.bmp
Ok. So what you need to do is open Notepad. As usual, I will use Notepad++. Type the following:

@echo off
goto admin

@echo off
net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add

This is what you just typed means:
@echo off: This makes the file look more professional. It is purely superficial.

Everything else is pretty easy to figure out. If you have trouble with it, goto [http://www.instructables.com/id/Batch-Files-Some-basics...../ this Instructable]. Save it as a batch file. To do this, save it into a folder with some random name with .bat at the end. Where it says Save as type:, click on the drop-down menu and select All types. Look at one of the pictures below to see an example.

Now, we need to configure this file. Replace the word USERNAME with a username. It needs to be the same in both places. Replace PASSWORD with a password.

Step 2: Make an Existing Account into Administrator

Picture of Make an Existing Account into Administrator
2 save as.bmp
2 saved.bmp
Ok. Remember that batch file you made? Well, keep it. We can modify it to just make work for an existing account. For this file, all you need is two line of text. This is what you type:

@echo off
net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add

Save this the same way that you saved the file in Step 2.

As with last time, adjust the part where it says USERNAME to a username of your choice. I personally chose ChuckNorris.

Step 3: All Finished

Picture of All Finished
To use this file, just double-click on the file. A window will pop up, then disappear. To see what the magically disappearing window said, put the word pause in its own line at the end of one of those files. It will look like this:

random commands...
more random commands...

This will stop the window from closing until you press any key or exit the window manually.