Step 2: Make an Existing Account into Administrator

Ok. Remember that batch file you made? Well, keep it. We can modify it to just make work for an existing account. For this file, all you need is two line of text. This is what you type:

@echo off
net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add

Save this the same way that you saved the file in Step 2.

As with last time, adjust the part where it says USERNAME to a username of your choice. I personally chose ChuckNorris.
We had some students at school doing this. It was easily noticeable because we have a monitoring program. But still, this is quite annoying.
will you tell me plz how they did or doing....
Read the full post. They did it exactly how this guy instructed.
Thanks, exactly what I needed. One question, though. What was the purpose of the GOTO statement? Wouldn't you be able to just list the step of turning an account into an administrator right after without requiring a GOTO? Thanks in advance.
it said "access is denied"
Technically speaking this is hacking, and if your school was so inclined, they could call the police on you. <br> <br>You know better than I do what you can and can't get away with at school, but just wanted to remind you that there are actual laws against this sort of thing.
For the people who are saying that the school doesn't let you just poop out commands to your heart's content. Here's what you need to do: <br>This is exactly why they don't let you, you need to bypass this. <br>The moment you log on, all ability to do anything is lost. The trick is to do everything you need to do BEFORE you log on. If no one has logged on, whose rights do you have? If you execute this correctly, then you have an administrator's. What you need to do is find a way to get into command prompt and run these commands in the log on screen. This is harder said than done. You need to find a way to execute cmd.exe (command prompt). If only we could get windows to execute something, then replace that something with what we want it to execute. We're lucky windows is helpful to old grannies. The magnifying glass is a program. If you replace all instances of Magnify.exe on the computer with the administrative command prompt (cmd.exe), then you can start the on-screen magnifier from the ease of access/accessability options prior to logging on. You need to take a copy of cmd.exe, rename it to Magnify.exe, and replace the real Magnify.exe <br>But wait! Your school blocks changing magnify.exe! What you need to do is go outside of the school's bounds. Somewhere where there is no control. It's time to go to linux live! Yes, make a live jump drive of your favorite linux distro (I won't explain that), and use that to access those files and replace Magnify.exe <br>Now, once you have started in widows, go to the ease of access tool, (bottom right), and check 'On-screen magnifier', then hit 'apply'. Voila! You are an administrator, with all their privilages in command form. Just run the commands listed above.
If you are having trouble getting into the school computer, and have no way of going to any applications that are on the computer that aren't availible. Please refer to this post ^_^ <br> <br>Step 1: Press F1 or (FLAG)+R *if your system lets you* <br>-F1 Should open a Help Window from Microsoft or whoever made your computer, then in the search type 'Explorer' or 'CMD' if you don't want to search for those thats fine. Just search what your looking for and use that to navigate to it easily and effetively. <br> <br>-(Flag)+R Opens a 'Run' application that enables you to open programs if you know the Directory or anyprogram that you know of. Type 'cmd' to open up the command prompt and then navigate from there. <br> <br>If you want to create a new account type 'Control' in the CMD and press ENTER. That will open up the Control Panel. Click: <br>User Accounts and Family Safety or User Accounts-&gt;User Accounts(Add or Remove user accounts). <br> <br>You should be able to create an account from there. Hope I helped ^_^
this seems to not work at my school as an error code 5 appears, any diea how i can resolve this
this dont work for me... that makes me shad ):
im confused<br>
How do you find out if your an admin
hi my school has banned games like halo,cod and age of empires. they have also blocked notepad.<br>to access these when they are blocked rename them to iexplore. school does not ban ie so they will open. <br>this works try it.
so tell me what to do...how to hack....how to crack....
if the user is found could they trace it back to me?
It just hides any output without an echo before it.<br />
@echo off doesn't just make it look more professional it means that the command prompt window doesn't pop up and alert the network admin at your school
corection, technically, the &quot;@echo off&quot; command is for esssentially &quot;toggling the on/off button on 'display the hidden workings'&quot;. on larger programs, for example, spydr, (a program i wrote long ago) the command box is still up, but doesnt display all those pesky little details that make it run.
Keep in mind some administrators at schools block these DOS commands thus rendering this technique obsolete. however this technique should work on almost any home computer where security is not thought through properly.
While most administrators block the Command Prompt, it is nearly imposible for them to block students from using batch files. So, as long as you follow the tutorial and use a batch file, you should be fine.
Hey-I need to upgrade to Admin or Admin group,am blatantly ignorant on comps-owner has left the State and left comp here for my use...mail me @yahoo.com
Well, you can go to <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Hack_Windows_Passwords_With_Ophcrack/">http://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Hack_Windows_Passwords_With_Ophcrack/</a>. That should tell you how to get the admin account.<br/>
...would consider 'outside help'...
Batch files use DOS commands, so that paralyses the DOS system
This does not create an administrator account because it comes up with system error 5.
how do you open the file to "reconfigure the file"?
i tried it- no success. :(
This isn't going to work on most school computers, or other blocked computers. The net command is restricted to all but the admin...
BTW my school's blocked batch and command prompt files! Command prompt fails even with a bat to exe converter!
You actually need admin privileges to use most of the "net" commands in the first place, shich is why it returns System Error 5 for non-admins. The only way to get admin privileges is by booting from a live cd or something like that or trying some privilege escalation exploits.
If you are going to go through the trouble of booting into a live CD, then you might as well go to <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-hack-the-password-of-EVERYONE-on-a-schoolw/">this instructable</a>.<br/>

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