How to Make a Loin Mantle



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Introduction: How to Make a Loin Mantle

This is a lion head with back mantle. It is great for home decoration, and is made out of cardboard.

Step 1: Collect Card Board

Step 2: Draw Out Two Mantle-bases for Your Loin Head(one Bigger Than the Other)

Step 3: Cut Out the Mantles

Step 4: Paint the Mantles the Color That You Want

Step 5: Draw Out and Cut 9 Circles for the Neck

Step 6: Draw Out and Cut 3 Manes to Be Behind the Head (slightly Bigger Every Mane That You Cut)

Step 7: Cut Out and Make 3 Squares (one Must Be Larger Than the Other Two)

Step 8: Glue the Mantles Basses, Circles, Manes, and Boxes Together. and Then Paint, and Customize the Head to the Conditions That You Would Like.



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    That's a really cute display piece, it would be a great kids' craft :)