Picture of How to Make a Longboard
Ever wanted a longboard but didn't buy one because they are so expencive now you can make your own for really cheap.
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Step 1: Parts

Wood Glue
1/4" plywood
Fiber glass matting
Fiber glass resin
longboard trucks

Step 2: Gluing the Wood

Picture of Gluing the Wood
Take your three layers of 1/4" plywood and glue the first two layers together. Once the glue is dry you can glue the third layer on. Dont forget to clamp your wood or if you don't have any clamps plie a bunch of heavy stuff on top.

Step 3: Design

Picture of Design
Now you have to come up with a design for your longboard. You can copy other designs or make your own unique one. first draw your design on a large peice of paper and then trace that onto your wood. you can fold your paper in half and draw half the design and cut it out so you have a symmetrical shape.

Step 4: Cutting and Sanding

Picture of Cutting and Sanding
Now that you have your design on your wood you can cut it out. I used a jig saw to cut mine but you can use whatever works for you. sand it all nice and smooth so there is no rough edges. when this step is finished you have the start of your longboard deck.

Step 5: Fiberglassing

Picture of Fiberglassing
Now it's time to fiberglss the bottem. take your fiberglass matting and place it on the bottem of your long board deck. mix the resin according to the instructions that came with it. Apply the resin on top of the fiberglass matting and let is dry according to the instructions.

Step 6: Sanding Again

Sand the excess fiberglass matting off once the resin is dry and any rough spots you dont want.

Step 7: Paint and Grip Tape

Picture of Paint and Grip Tape
If you want you can paint your longboard or draw a cool design on it. then you can put the grip tape on you can even make a design in the grip tape.

Step 8: Drilling Holes

Picture of Drilling Holes
Measure and mark the holes for the trucksand then drill them. Use the trucks as a template.
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Shantorian3d7 months ago

I was just wondering- could i use the trucks off my old skateboard for this?

MissSunbeam2 years ago
What type of plywood and glue did you use?
daguito2 years ago
i'd recommend using roving (like fabric) fiber and not matting, it will help strengthen it more.
You can also put a piece of stamped cloth (a hawaiian shirt for example) as last layer, so the longboard will be "stamped" instead of painted on the back.
rauur2 years ago
i just made mine its awsome but i skipped the fibreglass and its fine!!!!
Selshiekh3 years ago
Hey how much fiberglass resin did you use on it? b/c i want to make the board and I don't have the resin so I don't want to buy too much and then just have the can in my basement for years
would u suggest a good kind of wood for a guy who just doesnt wanna mess with fiberglass
honestly if you glue it right you dont need fiberglass... it may take a few tries to get it right... i broke 3 but the boards i currently ride are great with just a little flex
i don't think you can really skip fiberglass and have a dependable board. but if you really just CAN'T use any i would go with the most flexy (not brittle) hardwoon you can find, maple maybe, and you will need more layers and it will be more stiff than a normal longboard (so pumping will be hard) if you do it without fiberglass i would suggest either a pintail of a shorter freestyle (like almost normal skateboard size)
what trucks are those?
and were can i find the fiberglass
local hardware store (you can get it at home depot but support local stores first)
aDoing3 years ago
Does this kind of boards snap easily?
Ninjanator (author)  aDoing3 years ago
Nickster654 years ago
What's the fiberglass for?
its to produce a btter finish for the bottom of the board and to a certain degree also strengthen it
So that when it bends it doesn't snap
i made one and it is the best!
i will son post pics of it
see my 'ible
estab3 years ago the fiberglass nesecery if you are using strong maple plywood
2. will old reg board trucks work
1. plenty of people do it without fiberglass i think you would be fine
2. longboard trucks are wider and taller giving you more maneuverability
its your call

nice 'ible most people only make it 1/2" giving it more flex but less strength
Kryptonite3 years ago
Nice job! I'd love to see some pictures of you riding it.
Thanks for posting :D
salomon19964 years ago
this is so cool!!! i'm just getting into skateboarding, i ripstik, but i think that skate boarding would be fun, so i was looking at skate boards, and they are outrageously expensive!(same with long boards)(not walmart type ones) would you recommend what type of trucks to use? and how similar are long boards to skateboards? and do you know if you can do tricks on them? if so, what kind? and could you say how you put that star on? looks cool! anyhow...GOOD INSTRUCTABLE!! 5*! hope i can make it! :D
Hey man.
Since this is your first time,I strongly suggest that you buy a premade deck.Trying to make one yourself without experience will get you hurt..Complete longboards made by Sector 9 and Loaded are great for beginners.
Not to mention that the writer probably doesn't know much about longoarding,since he used trucks smaller than the board and the board shape it all wrong.
In terms of tricks,there are different types of styles.
-Downhill(riding down a hill)
-Sliding(sliding the board)
-Slalom(weaving in and out of cones)
-Dancing(this is where the majority of the tricks are.Dancing is very complex,but it usually involves looking cool)

In terms of similarity,longboards are pretty different.They are much easier to ride due to the large wheels and longer boards,but are heavier than skateboards.Longboarding is somewhat more relaxed,though it can get intense if you're DH-ing.
So,I welcome you to the sport of longboarding!
Id more go for a sector nine board, there the best budget boards, loaded is to expensive, your paying for the name. If youu dont like it then your stuck with this $400+ board. You can get sector nines for $300 or less.
Loaded boards are overpriced but that doesnt mean you wont like your board.
As long as your not planning to do any major dh, i can almost gaurantee your will like a loaded board. I've had a dervish for a bit over a year, though biased in my opinion loaded boards are ridiculously fun to ride. Loaded boards are focused on dancing and carving, and some sliding. so if your interested in those types of longboarding i would for sure recommend a loaded !
I suggested S9 too.

Loaded makes great boards,just that they're overpriced.Don't go saying that they're bad boards because they're abit expensive.All companies have their pros and cons.
Ninjanator (author)  paperclip324 years ago
the reason the trucks are small is because i didnt get time to modifie them in time for the contest so i just put them on as is but they have been modified since and for me the shape is right because to me it looks cool and i dont do any tricks i just use it to get around and if buy a premade deck it wrecking the whole fun in it and it wont be a cheap project any more
Okay,it's good that you widened them,but because he is a beginner,I still recommend that he buys premade. is a great place to look
you asked about trucks, but you might as well get the whole story

get a 180 mm reverse kingpin truck, you can't go wrong with Paris, Bear or Randal.

the wheels are the most important thing, Seismic, Earthwing, Retro, ABEC11 and O-tang wheels are always safe bets

the deck doesn't really matter, but a short, solid topmount is my preference.
also stay clear from sector 9 bamboo boards they are of poor quality and split along the glue lines. homemades are great. build your own press or but a kit from roarockit. I made my first board and have yet to own a factory made one

bushings are versatile, they are the cheapest modification you can make and completely change the way a board handles
Ninjanator (author)  salomon19964 years ago
i dont know any tricks and for the star a cut out a stencil out of paper and painted on top
ker-boom1014 years ago
Is the board strong enough to support drop through mountings?
HelmetShayy4 years ago
Can i use a polyester resin ? Or must i use a fiber glass resin ? Which is better and what are their differences?
Usual polyester resin is fiberglass resin. Epoxy resin is much better and stronger. It also doesn't absorb water.
did you add any concave at all?
Ninjanator (author)  Stormed Wolf4 years ago
no but you could when you are gluing the layers together by putting a board underneath and clamping it
Thanks, I've been looking at a bunch of different how-to articles, and i'm just taking all the best ideas and putting them into one board
Ninjanator (author) 4 years ago
there have been comments about it not being safe and injury could occure from riding it but i assure you it is safe if you have followed my steps. my design isnt the best but you can make your own design and yes im new to longboarding but my board is strong enough i have tested it with 300 pounds and have gone on 3km rides from my school to my brothers sure you could by a premade deck to be "safe" but then that will cost you quite abit compared to my deck for the trucks just buy some. if you want i could post a picture of how much weight it can handle or video of riding it
The way you built the deck isn't safe. I mean yeah, it could support your weight, but you need to make some cut outs or wheel wells. Otherwise you may get some wheelbite, which isn't fun at all.
Ninjanator (author)  Toastalicious4 years ago
i dont get any wheel bite so its safe and im not telling anyone that they should make their board the same shape as mine
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