Step 5: Fiberglassing

Picture of Fiberglassing
Now it's time to fiberglss the bottem. take your fiberglass matting and place it on the bottem of your long board deck. mix the resin according to the instructions that came with it. Apply the resin on top of the fiberglass matting and let is dry according to the instructions.
daguito2 years ago
i'd recommend using roving (like fabric) fiber and not matting, it will help strengthen it more.
You can also put a piece of stamped cloth (a hawaiian shirt for example) as last layer, so the longboard will be "stamped" instead of painted on the back.
Selshiekh3 years ago
Hey how much fiberglass resin did you use on it? b/c i want to make the board and I don't have the resin so I don't want to buy too much and then just have the can in my basement for years
Nickster654 years ago
What's the fiberglass for?
its to produce a btter finish for the bottom of the board and to a certain degree also strengthen it
So that when it bends it doesn't snap