This weaving tutorial may take you back to second grade, but it also opens up a world of possibilities. Using this same method and different sizes, you can weave potholders, washcloths, scarves, small rugs, etc. I didn't purchase anything to make this woven scarf. I recycled some leftovers, including the wood and fabrics, then went to town with my idea!

Materials Needed:
  • Leftover fabrics (preferably lightweight and flexible)
  • Scissors or pinking sheers (if you don't want to tear fabric strips)
  • 10-14 1 1/2"-2" nails
  • 2x4x8 wooden board
  • 60-70' of strong yarn
A note about the fabric. For the scarf to be comfortable, the fabric should be soft and flexible. You'll notice that I used very thin cottons and chiffon. Recycled t-shirt yarn is great in this project due to it's softness and pliability -- plus, it's casual and fun to use! See pics for a girl's scarf I did incorporating recycled t-shirt strips. 

A note about the yarn. The yarn is going to show a little between the fabrics, especially the solid fabrics, so you have a choice of either using one that blends in or using one that stands out. Make it part of your design. Regardless, your yarn should be long and strong. :)

Step 1: Making Your Loom

Making a weaving loom is super easy! Take your board and lay it across a long table or even on the floor. Hammer 5-7 nails, in a row, across each short end of the board. You can space out the nails about 1-2"-1" or just eyeball it. Perfection is not required here. And, the more nails you use, the wider your scarf will become (and the more fabric and yarn you will need).

I did 5 nails at each end.
<p>This really looks easy. And you're instructions are clear. I think I may start gathering supplies so I can make one of these while on &quot;baby watch&quot;. It'll keep my mind and hands occupied.</p><p>Thank you for a great idea!</p>
You're welcome! I hope you do it - I love all of the textures and combinations that can be created. I was actually just talking to someone about this tutorial today. I may be pulling that loom out again.... :)
This looks awesome! Very adorable. Will definitely be trying this once I've saved up enough scrap fabric :)
Thank you so much! And, here I am with scraps to spare...I don't even know where it all comes from. :)
That is a very cute effect! Looks all bumpy and soft :)
Thanks! Yes, it is...I guess the scarf has a kind of &quot;pillowy&quot; look to it. I just love the funkiness &lt;&lt; that's a word, right?

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