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This DIY project is made after a Lensbaby, but is built completely different. It’s made of only parts of an extension tube and macro filters. It is similar to the Lensbaby Muse, but more similar to the original Lensbaby, because of the images having a blue glow around bright whites and silvers in the photos, and the fact that the images aren’t that sharp and have a “dreamy” soft focus look to them.

The build is pretty simple. You just have to have the right parts to do this project, which if you are into macro photography, you should have the parts.

Parts you'll need:

Extension tube for your SLR camera
Macro filter set (+1, +2, +4, and +10)
A UV filter with same threads as the macro filters
Adjustable pipe clamps
Electric tape or any other strong flexible tape
An SLR body

Step 1: Starting Off

To build this, you want to take your extension tube and use the smallest (shortest) extension tube piece, and the camera mount and the lens mount pieces, and you want to screw all three of them together (mine comes in different pieces, a camera mount piece, a lens mount piece, and different size parts, 1, 2, and 3, going from smallest to biggest.)

Then you want to use electric tape (or any other tape that will do a good enough job) and you want to make 1 1/2 inch pieces of tape, just keep cutting them until you get about 8-12 (educated guess), and you want to use those to point vertically (pointing up) around the extension tube pieces.

See picture for how it should look.
Hi: Im just entering the photography world, but Im trying really hard not to spend that much money in it. I saw some nice photos taken with a Lensbaby and I was wondering how I could make my own, and now thanks to your Intructable I know how :) I will be making mine anytime soon, but I think Im going to do some changes and maybe make my own Instructable, but I just wanna thank you for the inspiration.
Nice work, and I'm impressed by the results!
Thank you! I appreciate your comment. I like your Nikon costume! It's pretty sweet!
Honestly your not saving very much money by going this route. the lensbaby muse is $150 retail - with your average extender being around $80, macro filter kit being $30 and a UV filter being $10-15. While a really neat build I don' t really feel that it is all that cost effective. also instead of electrical tape I would go with a vacuum hose or some kind of silicone hose for longevity. The silicone might be a better choice as the vacuum hose is far more rigid. you could also add in the flexibility of the lensbaby control freak with a few more mods. seriously though very cool hack if you can find the parts on the cheap
Hi. Thank you for your comment. Actually, just to let you know, the way I did it is a lot cheaper than the prices you mentioned. The extension tube I bought was $9 on ebay, it doesn't have electronic contacts, just a hollow metal tube, very cheap. The macro filters are about $10 as well, on ebay and the UV filters on ebay are like $1-$2 on ebay. So this is really just about a $20 project. It's really cool.

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