How to Make a MArtin 00018 Acoustic Guitar


Introduction: How to Make a MArtin 00018 Acoustic Guitar

This is a Chronilogical movie in daily episodes of the Sanden Guitar building class I attended in August 2014. There are 5 episodes of varying legnth. It was all filmed on a Canon Ixus digital camera and editied in Final Cut Pro 10 and Imovie 11. I built a Martin 00018 all music in the movie is played on the Guitar I built.

Episode 1 Meet the wood and Brace yourself days 1 and 2

Episode 2 Brace Yourself Days 3, 4 & 5 50 mins 12 secs minutes

Episode 3 Its a carve up days 6 & 7 55 mins 13 secs minutes

Episode 4 Days 8 - 11 Its a Bind ,36mins 39 secs

Episode 5 days 12 Assembly 28 Minutes 21 secs

Episode 6 Final Day Set up and play 27 minutes

Thanks to David Luingi ( my great friend,Classical guitarist and band member Lilagatubandet for the classical. Marcus Lindberg, Break out Guitars Halmstad, Hendrix Backdrop clips, Gary Southwell, Stauffer photo. And to Lars and Michael for being great company for two weeks in the heat of the sun and the workshop. Finally and above all Johanna, Rhiannon and Rasmus, my family who gave this course to me as my 50th Birthday present , the best present ever!

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    Thankyou, I was worried it may be a bit long but the whole process is there and may be helpfull for anyone wanting to give building a guitar a go.

    It is a bit long, but I'm glad you shared it!

    If you ever felt so inclined, a full step-by-step write up with photos would be awesome. That format tends to grab the most views.

    Videos are great, but people really appreciate written documentation. It makes digesting the info much easier, plus people can print it, return to skim the info, and so forth.

    I would give that a try, there are many pictures as well as the video and documenting it all would end up as a book I think and there are quite a few of those already . I am a little torn as to how best to approach it, the abridged video I planned would take less time to view and I also toyed with the idea of 15 minute episodes with timing references to make it easier to dip in and out for particular stages of the build. I am a really big fan of this site so I will give it some more thought and see what I can come up with which is more ´´Maker friendly``.

    that would be awesome. Vids on some micro actions are great, but a pdf with lots of pics (even if plucked from the video) would be so helpful. Love it.

    I'm sorry if I appear dense, but I can't find the video. Just the still photos. I'm viewing this instructable on an Android tablet. I would to watch the video, so any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi, Just click on the image and the player should start, if it soes not you may not have the flash or html plugin in your browser if the loader is not offering the down load go to the fadobe flash site. Hopefully its all there if you just click the image and press the play arrow bottom left. Thanks for commenting I hope you find the videos helpfull.