Introduction: DIY MINI Electric CAR With MOUSE

Learn How to make a mini electric CAR with OLD MOUSE easy diy at home Science Projects for KIDS #Car #Mouse #DIY #Electric #Science #Mini #Project #DiyAtHome

▶Materials Used :

- old broken mouse

- Hot glue gun

- 9V battery

- 4 bottle caps

- on/off switch

- toothpicks

- black tape & wires

▶Just follow the step by step instructions in the video and have fun by trying out by yourself !!!

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Step 1: Take Old Broken Mouse and Remove All Its Parts (REFER VIDEO)

Step 2: Take 4 Bottles Caps and Make Hole at Center Using Thumb-pin (REFER VIDEO)

Step 3: Insert the DC Motor Into 2 Bottle Caps (REFER VIDEO)

Step 4: Fix It Using Hot Glue (REFER VIDEO)

Step 5: Place on the Botton Surface of the Mouse As Shown (REFER VIDEO)

Step 6: Connect the Wire to the Motors and Join Them As Shown (REFER VIDEO)

Step 7: Bring Out 2 Wires From Bottom Surface to Upper Side Through Bottom Hole As Shown (REFER VIDEO)

Step 8: Place a 9V Battery on the Inside (REFER VIDEO)

Step 9: Join One Wire From Motor and One Wire From Battery As Shown (REFER VIDEO)

Step 10: Now Take the Top Surface of Mouse and Place a ON/OFF Switch in It As Shown (REFER VIDEO)

Step 11: Join the Wires and Place It on the Mouse (REFER VIDEO)

Step 12: Now Take a Toothpick and Insert Into 1 Bottle Cap (REFER VIDEO)

Step 13: Put a Straw Piece in Between the 2 Bottle Caps As Shown (REFER VIDEO)

Step 14: Apply Hot Glue at the Bottom Surface (REFER VIDEO)

Step 15: And Place the Arrangement of Front Wheels (REFER VIDEO)

Step 16: And Our Mouse Car Is Complete .. Please Refer My Youtube Video for Step by Step Visual Explaination ..And Also Share This Videos With Your Friends and Family and Subscribe to My Channel for More Exciting DIY Projects



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    That's really cute. Great work.

    Wow what a great idea. Good job.