How to Make a MINI Spot Welder for Cheap / 12 V


Introduction: How to Make a MINI Spot Welder for Cheap / 12 V


Step 1: To Do a MINI Spot Welder for Cheap / 12 V You Need!!!

In today's video I'm going to show you a cool idea on how to make a simple welding device, a spot (contact) welding to be more exact.

Step 2: Step by Step!!!

It won't take lots of troubles t make a device for a spot (contact) welding.

Step 3: The Most Important Thing Is That It Can Be Made by Yourself at Home.

Step 4: Having No Equipment for Welding You Could Make a Mini Welding Device for a Spot (contact) Welding!!!

Step 5: MINI Spot Welder for Cheap / 12 V Is Ready!

Thanks for watching!!!!!



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    It troubles me that this video is still up and running. Shorting a lead acid battery like this will not only cause the battery to fail in the long run, but it is also dangerous. A quote a comment from Youtube:

    "Shorted battery will overheat and emit hydrogen from sulphuric acid. One little spark and hydrogen inside the case will explode!"

    Dont try this! There are better, safer ways to make a spot-welder!

    Hi, I really like what you've done, but should I be worried about damaging the batteries by using this method? I'll be using 26650 cells. Thanks.

    1 reply

    I'm excited about this, because I wanted to spot weld batteries too. Prior to this, I thought you needed crazy equipment to handle the task. I hope this is safe to use on NCR18650 lipo

    Hi what other battery could you use? And nice job!

    I love it. Simple and effective. I can't wait to make one. My rewired MOT puts out just over 600 amps at about 1.3v. Now I can use it for more than melting nails, screws, etc. Fun stuff.