Step 4: Sealing the Finished Product

Since this project is made of paper, sealant is needed to harden and strengthen the bowl and coasters. Using the water-based sealant (Mod Podge) and a paintbrush, generously cover the bowl and coasters to ensure that all parts of the paper are glued together and becoming sturdy. I used one coat on my coasters, and two on my bowl. I recommend covering the inside first so it can dry while sitting on its base, then when the inside has dried, flip it over and seal the outside. Mod Podge dries clear, so don't worry about being generous on the coating.

Once the coasters are dry, you can spray them with the water-proof sealer so they can be used for drinks. They may need to be re-sprayed from time to time, since they are made of paper and are being used for drinks.

Once the pieces of art are dry, they are ready to be used! If you decide to make more, you can experiment with different shapes. A friend of mine made a triangle shaped bowl and square coasters, the sky's the limit! Enjoy your new pieces, and be prepared for them to be a conversation starter!
At first it seems like the walls are going straight up, but when you're bringing the next piece of magazine around, make sure you're only going up half of the strip or less, so more is visible. The less you use of the 2nd strip, the faster the flare will show. Once the bowl is wider at the top, the flare shows more, I promise! <br>Let me know how it's working out!
I know it's been a very long time since anyone has commented on this, but I used both Mod Podge, and a spray sealant (both of which were found at Hobby Lobby) the spray sealant was found near the spray paint.
I am having trouble with the depth. I followed the directions but he walls just go straight up not flared, what do you think I am doing wrong?
I've been experimenting with paper craft techniques recently, and I really like the one here. I've previously used a similar technique, but using paper strips of 1 inch or 1/2 inch wide. I like the result of how ibland's version works better, as the paper is more visible. <br>You can also use this but with even bigger paper strips. So even the whole page of the magazine at once. Bend it in two, apply a bit of glue (Elmer's or similar, water based white glue), bend it in two again, a bit of glue again etc until you will have about 1/4-1/3 inch wide, much rounder strip. That will work best when then glued together when it's still a bit wet, so the glue will also work for the structure. Then work the shape as in this i'ble, and finish with at least two layers of mod podge or other sealant. -- well, same technique in the base but again a bit different version and result. I'll get some pictures after I finish a bowl with my version of this technique.
what type of spray did you use on the coasters? I've been looking for a good water sealant for my paper projects! :)
ajonas1, I think the best sealant for that type of craft would be mod podge. <br>
i like it<br>
smart nad practical...5/5

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