How to Make a Magic Kit!!!


Introduction: How to Make a Magic Kit!!!

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If you want to make a magic kit that you can easily carry around, then the main things you are: a deck of cards, cup and balls, and a magic drawer(make things disappear) 

Step 1: Cards!!!

First things First: if you do make a magic kit then you should probably know a lot of card trick because cards are one if the main things used by magicians.

Step 2: Cups and Balls!!!

The second most important trick is probably the cups and balls trick. (when you make balls travel through solids)

Step 3: Magic Drawer!!!

This is the third most important magicians tool because it is small and pretty amazing! (put any thing in the drawer, close it, then open it and it should of disappeared) 

Step 4: Done!!!

Your done!!! All you have to do know is make a place to put it in if you want to.



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    Awesome cards

    where did you get them

    I ordered them of Called GHOST cards

    yeah there pretty nice-- amazing finish--at amazon they have a stainless steel card holder engraves with ace of spades on the front and the back of the cards on the back very nice like $16.50

    Yes, some of the clubs do have on-line versions. Often if you are near a large city you can find where a club meets in person and your folks can come with you. You will find magicians there to be very friendly and open to helping you learn. I will get to work on the instructable for you, it takes some practice to make it very smooth, but it's a fantastic piece of slight of hand that can be done with borrowed everything and blows the mind of spectators. I'm so glad I inspired you to post a video! You will find that to be a helpful learning tool as well, watching yourself do the trick. A mirror can be handy but once in a while you might miss something, like a small flash. Give me a week or two to post the video, my plate is pretty full, but as soon as I get the chance I will put it together for you. I am also very willing to help you with your own tricks or make suggestions. :) Do you own any of the Tarbell books? The Tarbell course of magic is wonderful, many tricks put out packaged today or even in newer books are based on Tarbell.  I highly suggest owning the set.    :)  Talk to you soon!

    Magically yours,


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    Great, sounds good I'll try and add videos to the instructable as soon as possible. Although I don't know what Tarbell is, Thanks : )

    i find a pack of cards (plus a few gafs), a few coins (preferably identical and reasonably sized coins plus some others for transformations etc. perhaps some trick ones if you have them) some paper money a few bottle tops some elastic bands a pen and a notepad (or other paper) make a pretty much complete magic set

    It's interesting to me that the gaff item you chose was the magic drawer. I would suggest something smaller that can still make items disappear, or even float, like the tarantula for instance. Really with the cups and balls and cards (even with the gaff cards that do come with a ghost deck, you are doing Sleight of hand, I perhaps would suggest some good Sleight of hand tricks that go along with these items or can be done with borrowed items. Keep it up, these are great items to use to do some pretty amazing stuff. :) Are you new to magic or is this a long standing hobby? I ask because I'm a member of IBM and SAM and would be happy to help you if you are starting out.

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    I am not new to magic and i no many magic tricks. Thanks for the advice

    Wonderful!! I believe the art of magic is a fantastic way to help spur creativity and out of the box thinking! You should consider looking into magic clubs, you have to have two members signatures to get in, and I would be willing to be one of those for you. The perk, you will learn a lot more from the members, there are magazines sent out monthly, and if you are close to where a meeting is you get to meet other magicians, they show of their tricks, there is always a new trick taught and normally a magic competition. Pretty fun stuff! Do you know the trick taking a borrowed quarter and a borrowed soda can and making that borrowed signed quarter go inside that sealed can, only to open it up and have the quarter left inside. You have to cut the can to get the quarter out. It's all Sleight of hand, and it blows people out of the water. If you do not know it, let me know I'll make a private instuctable of it and give you the link. :)

    I agree, I think a short demo video with each of these items would be wonderful to add to this. :)

    Magically yours,