I do not have a lot of cosmetics but there is enough of them to make a mess of my dressing table after a frantic morning of getting ready for work. I use to throw my powders, blushers, eyeshadows etc. back into a caddy on my table after I use them but more often than not, it was hard fitting them all back in so I leave them out (as seen in the picture). This would really annoy my husband.

I took some inspiration from those Ikea magnetic spice containers which you may seen before, and decided to use the idea of sticking items onto a vertical surface and apply it to my cosmetics and an empty wall. I hope you like my creation.

Step 1: Step One - Choosing the Look of the Boards

First, I bought 2 shallow stainless steel metal pans from the local utilities shop. I chose squares ones that would fit into the space I had in mind. They cost me $2.50 AUD each.

For the fabric covering, I chose some kitchy Chinese fabric left over from previous projects. I cut the panels so that they were bigger than the pans themselves, knowing that I would l need to stretch the edges on the backside of the pans.

I made sure the fabric was nice and neat by ironing the fabric panels.
<p>LOVE this idea. My bathroom is all white so that I can change it out with fabric things like curtains, towels. I'm going to use a small whiteboard, already all done. </p><p>As a teacher, I strongly suspect that the sticky-magnet tape will NOT hold them well. It's designed to hold paper only. Someone suggested a tiny dot of hot glue, which means, when your makeup is gone, you can just pop off that little magnet and put it on the new one. </p><p>Also, I saw a great idea. I have long hair which I wear up all the time and magnets are great holders for bobbi pins and hairpins, too. LOVE that idea. And you could also use hooks to hold your elastic hairbands for braids, etc. </p>
It is fantasting, I am going to do the same for myselft as you are teaching, I love you!!!
Brilliant! what a great way to transform clutter into a design feature!
Wow this is super lovely and rad! Totally want to do this, and the fabric is a great way to customize it easily.
Nice idea. Very cool...
I've been looking everywhere for the instructions on how to put one of these together. As a makeup rep my makeup collection is completely taking over our bathroom and bedroom. This makes everything so much easier to find and neater. I actually used to old baking sheets that were no longer suitable for the kitchen. Thank you! This is an excellent idea!
Great idea!
Good idea! - looks great to... not the usual mess :D
Wow, what a great way to store your cosmetics!

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