I do not have a lot of cosmetics but there is enough of them to make a mess of my dressing table after a frantic morning of getting ready for work. I use to throw my powders, blushers, eyeshadows etc. back into a caddy on my table after I use them but more often than not, it was hard fitting them all back in so I leave them out (as seen in the picture). This would really annoy my husband.

I took some inspiration from those Ikea magnetic spice containers which you may seen before, and decided to use the idea of sticking items onto a vertical surface and apply it to my cosmetics and an empty wall. I hope you like my creation.

Step 1: Step One - Choosing the look of the boards

First, I bought 2 shallow stainless steel metal pans from the local utilities shop. I chose squares ones that would fit into the space I had in mind. They cost me $2.50 AUD each.

For the fabric covering, I chose some kitchy Chinese fabric left over from previous projects. I cut the panels so that they were bigger than the pans themselves, knowing that I would l need to stretch the edges on the backside of the pans.

I made sure the fabric was nice and neat by ironing the fabric panels.
It is fantasting, I am going to do the same for myselft as you are teaching, I love you!!!
Brilliant! what a great way to transform clutter into a design feature!
Wow this is super lovely and rad! Totally want to do this, and the fabric is a great way to customize it easily.
Nice idea. Very cool...
I've been looking everywhere for the instructions on how to put one of these together. As a makeup rep my makeup collection is completely taking over our bathroom and bedroom. This makes everything so much easier to find and neater. I actually used to old baking sheets that were no longer suitable for the kitchen. Thank you! This is an excellent idea!
Great idea!
Good idea! - looks great to... not the usual mess :D
Wow, what a great way to store your cosmetics!

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