How to Make a Match Circle





Introduction: How to Make a Match Circle

I show how to make a circle/wheel from match sticks. It is fairly simple to make and requires a pencil compass, pencil, protractor, ruler and a piece of cardboard. It can be made without using any glue or tape but glue can be used to make sure it doesn’t fall apart easily. It is a fun project when you are bored and can be used as a gift or just for fun. This requires a lot of matches and time. Similarly to the match cube and match house I made, the match circle does not really have any practical purpose just an interesting way to store or display your matches.

How to Make a Match Cube: (

How to Make a Match House: (

Step 1: ​Materials

- Matches

- Pencil Compass

- Protractor & Pencil

- Piece of Cardboard

- Ruler

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)

Step 3: Burning a Match Circle

A video of the match circles/wheels being lit on fire.

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)



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    Fun fire starter? bracelet? I would think a coating of spray shellac/clear paint would seal the wood and also prevent the match heads from igniting for the second application. For the industrious maker pour resin over the whole thing and sand and polish for a contoured heavy statement bangle. I would build a mold for this of course.

    The Da Vinci Circle :-)

    Brings back happy memories

    Cool project! Make sure not to rub it to vigorously or else tje wrist will be set ablaze

    1 reply

    Ie in case you wear it around the wrist

    Wish you had pics and text. Videos don't work on my phone :(

    1 reply

    It looks Super cool though!!