I show how to make a house from matches. It is fairly simple to make and requires no tools. It can be made without using any glue or tape. It is a fun project when you are bored and can be used as a gift or just for fun. This requires a lot of matches and time. Similarly to the match cube I made, the match house does not really have any practical purpose just an interesting way to store or display your matches.

Step 1: Materials

-Wooden Matches (About 300+)

-Time (It is rather time consuming)

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)

And of course a video of the matchstick house burning.

<p>I want to light it on fire</p>
<p>i soo whant to burn the thing good photos by the way</p>
<p>What kind of coin and where may I purchase it?</p>
lol How Cool!!! <br><br> ;D And Iv tried that with cards and it's not easy! Nice job!
Love this.
<p>Is there text instructions? I am unable to watch video.</p>
I bet this project is gonna go up in flames...
Nice house. I want to burn it
im curious as to whether you started out looking for pink match heads? It really adds to the overall look. Ive admittedly only seen generic ones.<br>Its done exceptionally well.
That's cool when we were little we would burn the natches first!
Aw cool I finally found a good fire starter for when I go camping !
nice project realy apriciate it...<br>i think u should call it matchstick matrix house..(MMH). (^_^).
<p>Thank you for your nice Instructable.</p><p>Rima</p>
<p> Went down like a house of cards</p><p> OR</p><p>Went up in flames like a house made of matchsticks!</p><p>Awesome project, I love it!</p>
<p>I had no idea that matches could look so pretty. Admittidley I like it best when it's on fire!</p>

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