I was inspired by McDonalds recent addition to their lineup.  You can buy a McDouble for $1.00 in most locations and you can buy a McTriple for $2.00.  I figured that if you are willing to put in a teeny, tiny bit of effort you can make a McQuad for the price of a McTriple.
<p>Just leave the extra bun out for the subway rodents.</p>
Nutrition info as derived and calculated from McDonalds <a href="http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/food/product_nutrition.sandwiches.465.mcdouble.html" rel="nofollow">website</a>: 630 cal, 41g protein, 36g fat, 28g carbs, 1540mg sodium
There's a crafty way to up your beef (or beef like substance) intake! <br> <br>Plus you're left with a couple buns to feed the pigeons with...maybe around that neighbours car that is always yelling for no reason. Just kidding, that'll get you in trouble.

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