Introduction: How to Make a Meca-penguin Robot

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Recently, I have researched and found new ways to play with mBot robot car, how to make the cute robot car more interesting and achieve more functions. mBot is an educational robot kit, it is easy to assemble within 20 minutes and can achieve some functions such as line follow, obstacle avoidance and etc. On the basis of the infinite extensibility of mBot kit, I have upgraded the mBot to be a walking robot and give it a name Meca-penguin because it walks like a penguin. I will introduce how to make a Meca-penguin robot in the following parts.

Step 1: Part Lists

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1x mBot robot kit

1x Track with Track Axle (4-pack)

1x Plate | 1-Blue (Pair)

1x Bracket 3x3 Blue (4 pack)

8x Plastic Spacer 4*7*10

8x Plastic Spacer 4*7*2

8x Screw M4*22

8x Screw M4*14

8x Screw M4*8

22x Nut M4

Step 2: Assemble Process

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1. Install TT Motor

2. Install the Plate |1 to the tail of mBot

3. Add the track on the modified wheel structure

4. Install the modified wheels on the motor shaft.

5. Install the Brass Studs on the metal base plate.

6. Fix the main control board-mCore on the 4 brass studs.

7. Install the ultrasonic sensor on the metal base plate.

8. Connect the RJ25 cable and install the lithium battery.

Step 3: Programming

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After finish assembling, a cute Meca-penguin is completed. You can use the factory program of mBlock to
control the robot via IR remote control. You can also write programs via mBlock software to control your Meca-penguin.

Step 4: Video Tutorial

The video below shows the process how to upgrade the mBot robot car to be a Meca-penguin robot. Enjoy it and having fun!

Enjoy more fun at mBlock facebook page


Deivys20071 (author)2015-10-20

cool :) !!

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