How to Make a Mecanum Robot With Suspension





Introduction: How to Make a Mecanum Robot With Suspension

Mecanum wheels are often used to build a competition robot, which can do omni-directional movement. When the number of mecanum wheels is greater than 3, the wheels may be non-coplanar. That why the suspension system is invented. This instructables will show you how to build a 4WD mecanum car with independent suspension.

Step 1: The Frame

Parts list:

4 x Beam 0824 - 320

2 x Beam 0824 - 080

8 x Thread drive beam M4x40

4 x Plate 45°

8 x Nylon spacer

The chassis consists of a frame and 4 motor-wheel modules. Let's finish the frame first.

Step 2: The Motor and the Parallel Four-link

Parts list:

4 x 25mm Encoder Motor

4 x Plate 7x9

8 x Thread drive beam

8 x Shaft 4x80

16 x Shaft collar

Step 3: Mount the Four-link to the Frame

Parts list:

8 x Shaft 4x80

16 x Shaft collar

Step 4: The Suspension Spring and the Link Rods

Parts list:

4 x Suspension Spring

8 x Triangle plate 6x8

4 x Thread shaft M4

4 x Shaft 4x80

16 x Nylon stud

12 x Nylon spacer

4 x thrust bearing

16 x Shaft collar

8 x Rod end bearing

Step 5: Do the Last Step for 3 Times More

Step 6: The Circuit Boards

Parts list:

1 x Makeblock Orion

2 x Encoder Motor Driver

1 x Makeblock USB Host

1 x Wireless USB joypad

3 x RJ25 cable

Step 7: Do Some Magic to the Arduino-based Board ---- Makeblock Orion

The code is the same as the last project: How to Make an All-direction Vehicle with Mecanum Wheels

Most of the parts can be found here:



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    how much does this project cost?

    Hey that is really cool where can i get the items to build that its really awsome and how much would it cost

    Email me at

    do mecanum wheels work on slopes like 60 and 90 degrees..???
    like on stairs.
    if so do you tried it..???
    please suggest me.
    i'm waiting for your reply.

    sorry for the late reply.

    Mecanum wheel can work on slopes less than 45 degrees.

    do mecanum wheels work on slopes like 60 and 90 degrees angle...????
    like on stairs..?????

    please suggest me.
    I'll be waiting for your reply.