I have been wanting to go LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) at Shadowmoor, a nearby LARP; However, having no armor I needed to make some. I started with the helmet (probably not the best idea because of it's relative difficulty) then progressed on to a chest plate, brigandine, and Bracers (2 per appendage). I may yet do this later if people take interest enough in this stuff. So lets get started with some materials and tools. I made this entirely at Techshop RDU (

     -18 gauge sheet metal
     -8 Rivets
     -Some cardboard to make templates from

     -Laser cutter to cut templates
     -Beverly Shear
     -Hydraulic Shear
     -Turret Punch
     -Center Punch
     -Disk Sander
     -Finger Brake
     -Slip Roll
     -Rivet Gun
     -Sand Blaster
     -Powder Coater/Oven
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Step 1: Make the Faceplate Template

Picture of Make the Faceplate Template
This was before I took the Laser Cutter SBU at Techshop so my templates were drawn and cut out on cardboard. Since then i have cut all of my templates out with the 40 watt laser, and I would strongly recommend using this method. For more info on Laser cutting templates check out my other instructable How to Make A Buckler from Sheet Metal here. I just went online and found a helmet style that I like and drew half on the computer then printed it out, traced it onto cardboard, then flipped it and repeated. I then cut out the whole thing and laid it nicely on my metal as shown.
sakimoto1 month ago

kool!!!!!!! show us more!!!

good job