How to Make a Medieval Morning Star (Flail)


Introduction: How to Make a Medieval Morning Star (Flail)

About: Hi may name is Jac and i am really into engineering and make a lot of weapons.

This is a project that I did as a request for a youtube fan. I found it a great build despite being a deadly weapon. If you are wanting to build this I would advise that you take lots of care and ask parents, if under 18 and check with the law in your area. In my case, my parents were fine with this, and I live in New Zealand so its not illegal. I hope you enjoy. Also make sure to check out my channel trailer as it has a weapon test of the Morning Star.

Step 1: The Build

This is part to of the video series.

Step 2: The Best Part

Here is the final step, smash stuff. And once you'r done check out my other videos and subscribe.



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    What you have made is called a flail - not a mace (which has no "moving parts") and the term Morning Star isn't medieval at all (although there's a big confusion on the correct terms around the net), but way younger.

    A Morning Star was the weapon of watchmen (predating police), protecting villages at night - from villain, thief and other wrong doer (and sang a watchman song each hour with an inlaid prayer - amazing that people could sleep through that noise ;)) and when people got up in the morning (early back then) they saw the watchmen with their long-shafted "star shaped" (steel spiked) heads, which was hence nick named Morning Stars, as you mostly saw them in the early light of morning. I've added a pic of how they look.

    Have a nice day :)

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    Thanks i never knew that ether way its still deadly.

    Yes, a flail (and a mace) was supposed to be armor piercing in the original version, or they wouldn't be any good against plate armour.

    Don't hit yourself (or anybody else for that matter) with it - waste of band aid ;)

    I won't hit my self don't worry but i think it would be a bigger waste of an arm or leg than a band aid.