Have you ever wondered if it was possible to 3D Print a functional key? Well, it is and I can assure you that it works just fine. I would not use it as a main key, but it is great to print a few spare keys to your room, office or house. Save your key on a usb stick or cloud drive and print it anywhere!

Step 1: Download OpenScad 3D Modeling Software

Download OpenScad here for your operating system. If you've never used or heard of OpenScad before, it is a great way to create customizable parametric models. This means that I could give an OpenScad model to someone with zero modeling experience and that can modify it just by changing a few numbers.

<p>you technically aren't making a metal key with a 3d printer. You are making a plastic key from a 3d printer. The title How to make a metal key with a 3d printer should read how to make a plastic key with a 3d printer as a backup. :)</p>
<p>why couldn't you just take the original key to the hardware store to get copied instead of printing a key</p>
<p>Of course you would if you had your key. The point of this is to show you how to keep a digital backup of your key. If you lose your last key, you can print another one. </p>
<p>PLA will also work as a working key itself. Just use it with care, and make sure it doesn't break inside the lock. For backup use, it's just fine though.</p>
I would change the project name to what you wrote on the comments, cool idea tho keep a digital copy of your key

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