This instructable will show you how to make a Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe. 

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Gather the following materials turquoise duck tape, black and brown tempera paint, a 13" x 13" piece of foam board, a ruler, scissors, a pencil, x-acto knife, two paint brushes, and a picture of a Minecraft diamond pickaxe in pixel form.

Step 2: Making the Grid Part 1

Draw 12 horizontal lines one inch apart. 

Step 3: Making the Grid Part 2

Rotate the foam board so the horizontal lines are now vertical and repeat the last step to form a grid. Then repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the board. 

Step 4: Drawing Your Pickaxe

Use the pixel pickaxe picture to draw the pick axe on your grid. 

Step 5: Cutting Out the Pickaxe

Use the x-acto knife and the edge of a table and cut the outer edge of the pickaxe you drew.

Step 6: Cutting Out the Other Side of Your Pickaxe.

Cut out the other side like you did in step 5.

Step 7: Painting the Pickaxe Handle

Place some of your brown tempera paint on a paper plate. Spread paper towels under the pick axe for easy clean up. Paint your pickaxe handle one pixel at a time, using various amounts of brown to give it different shades of brown. Continue until your handle is completely painted. 

Step 8: Painting the Outer Rim

Next pour some black tempera paint on to a paper plate. Using a clean brush, paint the outside pixels of your pick where the diamonds will be.

Step 9: Filling in the Diamond

Gather the turquoise duck tape, pencil, and your scissors. Cut a 10 inch long piece of duck tape, stick the end of it to the edge of the table. Make about a 1 inch cut in the center of the shorter end of the piece of duct tape you cut, then it will tear the rest of the way. Next cut two 5 inch pieces from that strip and place on your pick axe. With the other piece of duct tape, cut it into two 2 inch long pieces and one 1 inch long piece. Place those on your pick axe. Repeat with the other side. 
Nice Ible....
Very nice
Very nice. Please could you do more of these because they are awesome. :-) (-:
Really nice but why didn't you use paint on the blue diamond part?? <br>
Nice. I wish I could make props of every item in Minecraft.

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