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Introduction: Minecraft Pickaxe and Sword

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Perfect for Halloween! How to Make a Minecraft Pickaxe and Sword Props Real Life Size with Foam board!  Minecraft Steve Costume:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkS3LVUKBIo Go to website for SWORD: http://tiny.cc/minecraftsword  PICKAXE: http://tiny.cc/minecraftpickaxe -   Minecraft Papercrafts.  How to make realistic minecraft props!  Convert your images into .pdf's and then in your 'Print Settings' under 'Page Scaling' choose 'Tile Large Pages'.  Set your Tile Scale to: 100%.  IMPORTANT: You will print out 2 sets of these .pdf's but you need to invert the picture for your second set by turning the image counter clockwise 2 times! You can choose from the Life sized Diamond sword, Iron Sword, Diamond Pickaxe, Golden Pickaxe etc.



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    We did a green screen to do the background!


    Katie, trying to find your doc or pdf to download sword. Please help! Thanks!

    haha very cool I'd need one

    Cool. I am actually The Diamond Minecart you know and love!

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    Dude. I didn't know u did instructables!!!! Can u feature me in an upcoming video. My minecraft name is NONSNOMOLAS . (Prounonounced non-snom-oe-las)

    No. What kind of username is nonsnomolas?

    That is not the real Dan he is not like that he would not insult you

    OMG u are actually Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Epic vid. but the links wont work

    hi dan!

    hahaha, great video! i saw once some couple make a maincraft weeding, u seen?

    Katie youre awesome! My son will really love these! Thank you!

    Cool, but why is it green? Is it your camera or your printer?