How to make a mini crossbow. Great fun for target practice. Simple guide and easy to do.

Step 1: Watch This Video Guide

Full instructions for how to make this crossbow are given in this short and simple video guide.

What you need:

A plastic bottle top
2 lollipop / popsicle sticks
A strong elastic band
A cocktail stick, toothpick, skewer or cotton bud
A thin and medium size screwdriver
does the flame stay lit during flight?
<p>Yes, if you follow the instructions in the Mini Bow one.</p>
nope. but in some rare case
<p>I have 3 mini weapons of mass destruction books and this is in one of them, plus I can make a lot more so if you want me to start posting instructions on them say &quot;instruct&quot;</p>
<p>Go to this link, It shows the step to step instructions:</p><p>http://www.stormthecastle.com/how-to-make-a/make-a-mini-crossbow-part-4.htm</p>
<p>vere easy and pretty cool ;)</p>
<p>ну норм слушай</p>
You could add a strike pad to this and the match will ignite upon release, this will guarantee it stays lit during flight
works great, hot glue makes it hold great
good but can u write instruction to make it instead of video...please
Cool but you should try and make it look nicer
: ( I can't watch it
Love it
good design
That is interesting
I want to make it...
That's really cool for something made of sticks. Really awesome.
That is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Brings new meaning to phrase &quot;cubicle warfare!&quot; ;)
<p>...looks like this.</p>