How to Make a Mini Dart Gun W/Multiple Fire Modes





Introduction: How to Make a Mini Dart Gun W/Multiple Fire Modes

I've been playing with the idea of what cool things I might be able to do with soda bottle preforms for a little while now and this is what I've come up with. The dart gun in this video uses two different firing methods that are commonly used in larger potato cannons, a pneumatic firing option, as well as a simple combustion option. A coaxial piston valve is my personal favorite mechanism for these sort of projects, and this video shows how it works quite well through the clear chamber. For the combustion design the fuel of choice is isopropyl alcohol, preferably 70% or greater.

How I made the darts in this video:

How to make a mini cannon from a lighter (another mini airsoft cannon):

How to make water bottle rockets:



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Where did you get the soda bottle preform

how many lighters do you go through in a week? because you use a lot of peso electric igniters.

Is there a way to fire 3 or 4 airsoft bbs at one time

Yeah, load three or four of them in the barrel.

I made two versions of this project (awesome, btw):

1. With a 10 oz water bottle. works great

2. With a 2 L pop bottle. Held more air, so it shot farther.

Thanks for another cool project!

Would alcohol out of the bottle work like vodka for example work as fuel for a spud gun project

what if you were to use the hydrogen gas you explained how to make in a previous video as a fuel source? I've always had that thought and have made a few alcohol fueled mini dart guns but have yet to try hydrogen gas so what do you think nighthawk would it work? Future video? It would be pretty fun to try