How to Make a Mini Drill / DREMEL


Introduction: How to Make a Mini Drill / DREMEL


Step 1: To Do a Mini Drill / DREMEL You Need!!!

In today's video I'm going to show you a brilliant idea for drilling dremel circuit cards or small details by your self at home.

Step 2: You Can Make a Mini Drill Almost With the Hand-shifts at Home.

To simplify the construction we are not going to use a collet sleeve that is not so easy to find, and substitute it with just one clamp.

Step 3: As a So Called Body We Can Use Waste From PVC Pipes or a Metalloplastics.

In the case you can think on an alternative way of making the body out of the hand-shifts you've got at home.

Step 4: Make a Mini Dremel Drill by Yourself and Use It Even Instead of a Borer for Polishing or Drilling Small Details Made of Soft Materials.

Step 5: Good Luck, My Friends!



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    This is actually a very novel design, I like the ergonomic position of the switch, and the right angle mounting is very practical too, nice work!